Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nifty makes a tentative breakout of the resistances.


Nilesh Pandya said...

i have one request . from the last 1 week i m tracking super trend indicator available on trade tiger this indicator works very fine but prob is i m not able to get excel formula .in TT they are using ATR period = 10 and multiplier = 3.how to convert this formula in excel need your help.

Dinesh Rishi said...


These all blog owners in the following list are my seniors


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Raghavendra said...

Illango sir and All,

Faster retracement in Day TF.

Last falling segment : 5721 to 5583 took 6 days Last rising segment : 5583 to 5724 took 4 days.

Can we confirm 5th has started indeed.


Jayaraman said...

@ Raghavendra ji,

The up move from 5583 is unlikely a 5th Wave. The current up move is most likely " X " with Zig Zag structure as per which

A = 5583 to 5711
B = 5711 to ........unfolding most likely may terminate around 5700 zone and C = 5828 or 5903 zone in about 6 days is my understanding.

Also the last fall was 5718.75 in about 3 days. Hence faster rise (or equal time ) of the fall from 5718.75 to 5583 is negated is my understanding.

For further details for educational purpose visit my Blog.

mynac said...

Read your 2.15PM comment...

Now for today do you think so that trading above 13162 would lead Dow up to 13250 ?

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