Friday, November 16, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-II


Shradha Saburi said...

लहानपण देगा देवा मुंगी साखरेचा रवा
संत तुकाराम

Ilango said...

@ satish,

Wk. lead indicator & macd were down while Nifty making high above 5725.

EW possibility that the rise is "b" wave of 4th.

Overbought day TA as per Day lead indicator.

Negative divergences in Hour TA to "nail it down" that:

The upmove from 5583 to 5777 is a corrective rise/ part of the larger correction.

The confirmation:
A gap down on the next day;
Gap filled @ 5749.75 with 5751.65 on 09th opening;
followed by an ORB break.

Key to trading is:

A Screw needs a screw driver
A nail needs a hammer.

Trade with support/ resistances in a sideways market (Twist & turn of a screw driver) on every dips in an uptrending market/ Sell...sell on every rise in a downtrend (Just keep hammering in one direction)

Shradha Saburi said...

Be small ant and eat sweet.....

Sujatha said...

Indus - sorry i's better to ask "sir" about JNSAR (so that i can also know) just this week only i observed nd started, for this week my area is 1809 support and 1852/1870 took support 1806. margin high. so no risk taking as already burnt fingers :P hence playing only options in little part of money if the "stock options allow me to buy". Stock options liquidation is less hence should be careful for little money also.

Gauresh ji - wah,wah..

Parimal said...

My Dear Shradha Saburi
please explain that to DR-ji

Dinesh Rishi said...

Whoz Birthday is today ?

First accept my Wishes and than say thanks :D

Sujatha said...

Indus - am talking about FUTURE LEVELS not SPOT.

Sujatha said...

DR - Aaradhya will not reply...B's family is busy hence i am thanking on behalf of them :) :D

Parimal said...

After a sustained rise from 1275 (approximately), to 1375, JubilantFood has corrected today. seems, it has made an ST bottom. so may take off again if market favours

Indus said...

@sujatha....thanks said...

nifty just resisted at 5644 day pivot ilango sir how will we calculate day pivot point

Shradha Saburi said...

@ My Dear Parimal
Now I want to be small ant and not be an elephant
every time you have to change !
that is our master said
A Screw needs a screw driver
A nail needs a hammer.
many many regards!

Ilango said...


suresh said...

sir ji,
how do v calc piv tgt above and below
(what ratios of fibor just r1/r2 or s1/s2)
pl explain.

Satish said...

Thanks sir for detailed objective reply. Our positions in market make us biased and tv expert adding to problems

Parimal said...

It seems BhartiAirtel is prepared to breakout the significant resistance level of 200DMA at 301. if this happens, a big uprise may be expected.

Nilesh Patil said...

@DR sir,
Weekly candle guess ?? or pattern ?? said...

sir ji how u are taking the values if i gave previous day it is giving pivot point is 5629

Ilango said...

@ suresh,

If we do not understand the "market of the day", just having a "pivot table" will not be of much use.

Such a knowledge would come only with "more exposure"...more years in the market studying various technical studies such as:

consolidation patterns
distribution patterns
reversal(topping/ bottoming) patterns
Trend following

and other studies in moderate measure.

More studies should make you understand when to pick up a screw driver and when to hold a hammer..choosing strategies which is the most elementary as well as the most important one.

Finding support & resistances would become, then, a child's play. You just need to pick the number closer or farther depending on your understanding of market's strength & weakness.

And the tech. table developed for individual scrips as well as indices would then become a "store house" of such numbers.

Ilango said...


I have combined 13th open & high(Mahurat trading)and 15th Low & close to arrive at 15th Day data.
5,689.70 5,698.25 5,603.55 5,631.00

Pankaj said...

@Ilango Sir, does 4th wave always takes more time than the 3rd wave? Thanls! said...

thanks sir ji so it is weekly every time it is the same or different

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 1:00PM, VAH:5656, POC-5645, VAL-5634, WVAL:5729, Pivot:5644, VWAP:5649

Bears are very much in charge now at 5700CE level with addition of more than 8.8 lacs for the day, well Bulls seems like they have given up hope!!!

Thanks & Regards

Ilango said...

@ Pankaj,

Generally, corrective consumes more time than the impulse wave that is being corrected.

Thus, understanding the corrective waves gives an "edge" to a trader.

manojag said...

Island Reversal on Daily Chart between 5651.65---5660.35.Sustaining above 5661 should make the sellers cautious.

Ilango said...


Every week, we have weekly pivot, support & resistances numbers to use based on previous week's Open, high, low & close.

Similarly every day, we have daily pivot, support & resistances numbers to use based on previous day's Open, high, low & close.

15th data was an exception and calculated as per my own perception.

SANPOT said...

Ilango Sir, what is the reason of SENSEX trading higher in proportion to NIFTY today?. The normal proportion of NIFTY/SENSEX is usually 1:3. Today it is 1:6.

Ilango said...


"Sujatha" monitors sensex regularly and makes her Nifty decisions with additional inputs.

She would have some answers for you.

SANPOT said...

OK Sir, thank you.

Prabakar said...

DR Sir holding his BN SAR. Not ready to release his hold.. :)

SAM said...

PTC ... resistance 73 above which can target 80

Dinesh Rishi said...


Till now BN held the down move

but today it seems week

CDG said...

is this an attempt to bring above 5666....
5643 taken and 5654 just near......

Shradha Saburi said...

short of time,its office time, still uncertainty,
difficult to predict,
bulls will have advantage if it today closes above 5637 bye!!!

rajapvt said...

Is the Nifty struggle in 5600-5700 range again?

SJkolkata said...

Resisted exactly at 50% of the last fall.
Master, pl explain implication now onwards.
I am just trying to learn EW.

Parimal said...

For NF immediate resistance is 21HrDMA at 5670

Dinesh Rishi said...

Bulls trying to come out of channel

broken trend line and their muzzle can be seen

will they sustain ? is the question

lets see after 2:30

Prabakar said...

DR Sir,

Too many cats on the wall. not sure which cat to follow. cats jumping left & right and jumping back to the wall. clue less market...

Ilango said...

@ SJkolkata,

50% retracement matches with 21 Hr sma & channel resistance @ 5650.

Keeping a small SL, one could sell.

OR wait for 61.8% @ 5662.

OR wait for breakdown @ 5638.

Parimal said...

BhartiAirtel is above 200DMA (301), needs to hold on to this number which may work as significant support.
JubilantFood is holding onto support of 1300 mark. if so, may attempt to scale earlier highs.

Dinesh Rishi said...


till than watch this
(@ 0:40 sec cat on fence )

JNSAR is in Sell mode I think

CDG said...
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