Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti.

There is a very beautiful story in the life of Nanak, another great mystic of the same calibre as Kabir.

Nanak went to Mecca; he traveled with some Mohammedan travelers who were on a pilgrimage. They reached Mecca, the holy stone of Kaaba. It was evening and the sun was setting, and they were very tired; and Nanak immediately fell asleep. The travelers, the companions, were very much surprised. They used to think of Nanak as a very holy man, but he was doing something stupid: his legs were towards the Kaaba when he lay down and fell asleep. They became very much afraid; this is a sacrilege.

And by the time they could do something about it, the chief priest came, and he said, ”Who is this man? Is he an atheist, he does not believe in God? He does not seem to be a Muslim. Throw him out of here!” All this noise and talk, and Nanak opened his eyes, and he said, ”What is the matter?”

They said, ”This cannot be allowed. Your legs are towards Kaaba, and this is a sin.” Nanak laughed uproariously, and he said, ”You can put my legs anywhere you like, but, one thing before you do it, tell me if this is not so: wherever my legs are, they will always point towards God – because he is everywhere.”
Up to this point, the story seems to be absolutely realistic; then it becomes a parable. The priest was very angry; he took hold of the feet of Nanak and turned his feet away from Kaaba. And the parable says Kaaba turned towards Nanak’s feet. And he moved him in every direction, and Kaaba turned to that direction. Now, it is a parable; I don’t say now it is realistic. Half the story seems to be exactly right. The other part seems to be very poetic – true, but not factual. It is very significant though.

God is everywhere. Once you have found him within, you will find him everywhere. Then you cannot find a place where he is not.

Don’t start the journey from the outward. Don’t start going to Kaaba and Kailash, to the temple and the mosque; otherwise you have taken a wrong step. And one wrong step leads to another. You start imagining.

Source: "Ecstasy - The Forgotten Language " - Osho


Sourav Kundu said...

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SANPOT said...

Good Morning Ilango Sir. A great spiritual story. Happy GURU NANAK JAYANTI to all.

SANPOT said...

This reminds of a Marathi song--" Kothe Shodhishi Rameshwar ani kothe shodhishi Kashi, Hrudhaytil Bhagwant Rahila Hrudhayat Upashi" by Sudhir Phadke.
It means do not search God at Holy Shrines but search for Him in your Heart where He is Hungry.
Thanks and regards.

DMG said...

Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti

saravanan k said...

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San said...

Let no man in the world live in delusion. Without a Guru none can cross over to the other shore.

Good Morning Ilango Sir and Friends
Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti To everyone

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venkatapathy l said...

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Wish you all a very happy Guruji's Jayanthi.


Do you know any place where I can get a copy of 'Discipline of Transcendence'.

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gauresh59 said...

Namasthe ilango sir and friends,

Today's quote received :

You need not find God anywhere, but you need to know God or know yourself

Liberation cannot be created in time, in space or with the help objects, it is now and here

Creator, Creation and Creature are one....

People go to temples, join hands and close their eyes to worship God (in any form). If you want to close your eyes, then what is the point of going to temple???. You can sit anywhere and close your eyes. The purpose of closing eyes is to try to understand (and later know and see) that God inside the idol is within yourself. It is there to convert extrovert mind to introvert.

Source : Swami Dayanand Saraswati

Dinesh Rishi said...

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This occasion is celebrated as a Great festival near to my place.

Parminder said...

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Satguru Nanak Pargatya Miti Dhund Jag Chanan Howa.
Kal Taaran GURU NANAK Aaya.
Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti

Bhushan said...

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Om namah shivay
Kartik Poornima and Guru nanak jayanti ki dher sari badhai
Parmindar paaji chak de phatte nab di gili

Prabakar said...

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Apparently there are few volumes. Here is the pdf version of vol 1.

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It has 4 volumes. Good collection.
Thanks for sharing.

navtash said...

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Guru Nanak Says " God thy name should always be rising ( more and more people chant your Name ) and thru you we wish well being of all !!!"

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