Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-III


Ilango said...

@ Que sera sera,

Those are the clues of "underlying strength/ bullishness".

It showed @ 5638 & an irregular 5643 high after the (i)st wave & holding the 50% @ 5594.

Parimal said...

If the present wave of BhartiAirtel is the 3rd, then some more can be expected from the present upmove.

Sujatha said...

Sir :) :) donno wat to say "can say ferocious mood"?? (bit bad word??) to change my trading strategy + limitation @ net etc., things. wondering mostly all against INTRA..(excuse me DRji as u r the first :D) but it’s good no headache can come with clean slate and go.. but currently am settle down with 'WEEKLY" not bad at all.

Just a intra tip - if anybody wants to follow -

trend is strong - second direction is powerful - but it hardly leaves any time for the third one :P this 3rd one will occur if the second one fizzle out :) sometimes the third one is big.. (HOPE I CONFUSED ALL) good action will come only @ 2times

sir - it's so funny i noted all in "one line" i hv to make it as "readable"one full document (for only intra) i love intra as started with that one "exclusively from your just PREMARKET VIEW ONLY" (earned good toooooooo) i observed only "3 times" is the move mostly.. rangebound mkt is different. Now “kanna binnannu thala suthi..most of the things/methods I divorced” almost filter over.. no turning back or anything new comes also ..now the testing time “starts”

PS : before i "quit" temporarily from here just wants to do something. hence the work.

bb said...

Parimal- What is the target you have in Mind for Airtel?

sandeep bhoite said...


After CAIRN for Portfolio ,, kindly guide if would like to suggest buy any other for long term as for portfolio or sector ?

Parimal said...

Dear bb
BhartiAirtel trgt can be approximately 350 (third is never the shortest). first wave started from 270 and went upto 312.

Ilango said...

@ sandeep bhoite,

Tata communications.

shriram said...

Ilango ji,

Do u see a CnH on hr TA sir ? Cup Depth .. Tgts can be pretty big 5950 ?

Anil said...

@Dear Sujatha,

Wish you good luck ,and do post some on groups too...i had already stopped my intraday trading, and doing only on deliveries in cash....so yes less screen time, lesser emotions...and restricted myself to some 20-25 stocks, which i revised periodically on monthly basis...
All thanks to sir, why..???
Bcoz i found his 5 EMA setup a universal one and its a 'Brahmastra' in my analysis...
Thnaks you sir, from my heart for your great tool...

Ilango said...

@ shriram,

Let it develop;

Let month retain its momentum;

Let week confirms a reversal;

In the meanwhile, the day positional Long continues.

RajKalyani said...

Ilango Sir ji,
I hav sent request mail to join the JN Group.Plz get me joined.

Parimal said...

Dear Sir
can this called as a developing rounding bottom pattern in hrly chart of NF.
thanks and regards

Indus said...


Would u know the JNSAR for tata communications?
Agree with your investment buy on it, especially if it gets permission for the land sale...the big pending trigger in the stock

Indus said...


Would also be grateful if you have any techinical perspective to share on tata comm

anmpatel said...

can you send me that chart? in my hourly chart i could not spot it?!!
should i ping you at mail?

shriram said...

Tks sir,

Kindly check following lables for veracity:-
C.5.1 5549 5643 94
C.5.2 5643 5594 -49 -52.1%
C.5.3.1 5594 5649 55
C.5.3.2 5649 5626 -23 -41.8%
C.5.3.3 5626 5720 94 170.9% ** Done ??

If some more steam persists, we may see 225% @ 5750 to Top out C.5.3.3

Ilango said...

@ RajKalyani ,

All the requests have been sent invitations.

Resend if you haven't received.

Ilango said...

Reached the first wall @ 5725.

Ilango said...

@ Indus ,

Tata comm fell from 660 to 166 in a 5-wave structure and has completed "a & b" in the corrective and "c" may have commenced.

ITradeForProfit Daily said...

92 points from yesterday's close done.

Ilango said...

@ Indus,

Tatacomm JNSAR is available in stockwealth.

Today's JNSAR is 232.12 and it'll be closing above JNSAR today. Hence, buy on dips starts.

Shradha Saburi said...

stl tiggered
for one nifty
no positions out.
regd bye!!!

sandeep bhoite said...


Thanks again as only want to safeguard returns from trading to make small investment(as a retirement thing).. :)

Ilango said...

80%-5731 too cleared.

Indus said...


Thank you for your patience...missed it in stockwealth.

ITradeForProfit Daily said...

just 6 points away from ND sir's ATR signal target

Last traded price : 5733

Breakout occurred above 5679.1

Breakout target : 5739

SL for long positions : 5679.2

Prakash Sharma said...

Sir is Market off tomorrow?

J.R.Julius said...

I think 2morrow is a Holiday.
Bye All - See you 29th.

NSB said...

Dear Anil,

Can you pl provide the pointers for the 5 EMA method.

"Bcoz i found his 5 EMA setup a universal one and its a 'Brahmastra' in my analysis..."

thanks in advance

Ilango said...

Market is closed tomorrow.

RajKalyani said...

@Ilango Sir,
Thanks for prompt reply.I waited for invitation but yet i havn't received.So i hav forwarded the mail 2 times today on vanilango@gmail.com.
Thanks Sir ji.

RajKalyani said...

Thanks Ilango Sir ji, aftal right now it got done.
Thanks through the heart Sirjeeeeeee.

jay shah said...

many many thanks to wonderful sir for hi valuable precise inputs, bye everyone

Jeffry said...

I am new to this blogspot. And i want to know that is it possible to trade option using JNSAR. Can somebody guide me. Is there any link avaliable in this blog

Anil said...


I trade/invest using 5 ema's, in the same way sir here do for NIFTY..i mean if stock is in uptrend, look out for weekly closing above high ema, then its a buy on dips for intermediate term..and for more aggressive ones you can also look at daily high-low ema's coupled it with standard any two indicators one is momentum based and other can be oscillator..thats it..there is always a opportunity somewhere..

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