Monday, June 16, 2014

Nifty Intraday Update-II


Prabhanshu Raman said...

@NI3 - Yes, but there is +ww pattern is formed which will trigger when prices close above 239.50 for 2 15 mins, see below

Tgts cud be 247 and 260, keeping SL at prices closing below 239.50 for 2 15 mins post trigger

Ilango said...

@ JR Julius,

Remember this: You are never in a set back in relations/ works, etc.

en kadan pani seithu kidappathe

Sunil Garg said...

Guys ,i do not believe in buttering and i appreciate sincere work of Mr.Ilango. Its high time to convince Mr.Ilango to start a paid google group. If he agrees then it will benefit all of us. And i am not asking free ,if he will charge 1000 or 2000 rupees per member then easily 100-150 members will be ready to start on first day itself.

Offcourse he needs money ,everyone need ,i need ,you need then why in donation ? we will give him directly beacause we will get live trades which are mostly profitable in his sheets.

marina s rao said...

Day Low : 7487.55 Day High : 7548.60 Range : 61 Points Day Pivot : 7582 Hr. Pivot : 7525

NS above HKPC ( Hepta Kilo Penta Cent).

Currently hovering around @ 7510 & below Hr. Pivot @ 7525.

NS much below Day Pivot @ 7582 displaying strong weakness.

NS in SAH mode in Hr. T/F & SAH in Day T/F.

Strength above D Lema @ 7525 & Hr Pivot @ 7525.

SAH = Sell And Hold

Hepta Kilo Penta Cent = 7500

NI3 said...

@Prabhanshu sir
after 12closing ur saying i take it that way is that right sir

Sonu said...

OI now turning bullish slowly and steadily:

J.R.Julius said...

Pranams - Yes sir - Thank You.

raghava said...

Now Market Initiating Short Trade At WHEMA?

Ilango said...

@ Sunil Garg,

I'm teaching you to be independent.

I will not be around like "Markandeyan"..

I want you to learn this simple trading principle - for intraday as well as positional.

I can not teach "Question and answers" as taught in schools and colleges.

If you can learn to understand this all important "Demand-suppy" concept that is the basic element of all markets using simple Applied Technical Analysis, You will be able to trade in any other market.

I have asked for "Contributions" only from those "who have benefited from my teachings and observations".

Running a paid service is the easiest thing to do. It is there in my pre-market view every day - any one could use it, keeping 10 or 20 points as SL. You will win 75% of the time.

I put in more time than a paid service provider and I have stressed it time and again, the purpose of this blogging.

Learn...and become independent.

Sunil Garg said...

ok , as you wish sir..

Raghavendra said...

Dear Ilango sir,

Need advice : Is this a 5th wave down from 7700 levels ?

Ilango said...

@ Raghavendra,

It can not be the 5th because the 2nd wave from 7590 to 7679 took many hours.

There are few possibilities at work here.

3rd is done and the 4th is on.. (could be an irregular one too)


3rd is sub-dividing.....

Prabhanshu Raman said...

NI3, bhel didn't close above 239.50 for 2 15 min. . So hns is still in play

Raghavendra said...

Thanks you sir - i had similar doubt on "time factor" - but looking at price structure and the 9hr rsi - wanted to confirm with you.

NI3 said...

ok sir ,,,Thanks sir
noted how it work thanks once again

marina s rao said...


In Trade Table Plz correct JNSAR DOWN from 7537NS since 02.06.14 as ' ....... since 13.06.14 '.

STOCK4SURE said...

possibility of a fast fall setup may develop in nifty 5 min charts(BN too)

ns cmp 7524

7525 is resistance 55ema in 5 min charts

7510 is support of confluence of ema in 2 min charts

STOCK4SURE said...

also possibility of a bearish WW may be developing in ns charts

may have formed pt5 near 7525ns levels

trgt is near 7470 near 2.30pm

weakness below 7504(line 2-4)

rahil sen said...

dont see any ww setup in nifty 5 min chart.

chetas said...


I am not able to see thw ww setup, can you spell out the 1,2,3,4 pts

Sunil Minz said...

very well said sir paid advisers are all over in india be it sukhani gujral deepak mohani etc but no one will teach you and guide i myself practicing technical analysis since 5 years but one thing gurujee taught is to hold positions and adding lots and within a year i will mint money and a teacher of trading.

rahil sen said...

there is one bearish ww signal in the manner
1. 7519
2. 7487
3. 7533
5. not done fully

mynac said...

Afternoon Everybody...
New low below 7487.55 would be need of the Hr. as still No intra addition @ 7500 PE

ajaya Kumar said...

@Sunil Garg
Remember Mr. Abdul Kalam Azaad ,The Ex.President of India is still a teacher .
He is the man behind the missile development of India:
One of the Greatest scientist in the world still working as a knowledge hacker.
Just like Mr.R.K.Illangovan.
He is a tender coconut Not a bottle of pepsi.

Prabhanshu Raman said...

here is the -ww which S4S is talking

Sonu said...

@mynac Sir,

It is possible but with good addition in 7400PE and OS RSI, the downside seems limited

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