Monday, June 9, 2014

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Ilango said...

A pause, minor correction if kept below 7665.

Stockathon said...


Last retrace to be considered from 7623 - 7665 ?

CDG said...

Dear Ilango,
good morning and thank you for your so clear EW analysis. Some queries please
1. How to be sure that waves are extending( and no sub, minutte waves).
2. when waves sub divide it shows more bullishness(during an uptrend). Correct?
3. if this 3rd wave is extending then there is a possibility that 5th may truncate or remain subnormal (i.e. even less than 1st)?

Ganesh IC said...


I would like to share my experience in handling wave extensions/ sub-divisions in wave-3/ iii/ (iii), by using slope of trend support lines in hourly/ 30 min charts for sub waves- 1-2, i-ii, (i)-(ii).

Proper scale setting is pre-requisite (45 deg for previous sub-wave-i to v of wave-1).

Slope should gradually increase for wave 1-2 (30-45 deg), i-ii (45-60 degree)

During extensions/ sub-divisions,
Slope for wave-iii increases > 60 deg
for wave-(iii), slope is > 70 deg.

Ganesh IC said...

For positional trades, trail till wave i-ii support line is broken (price should stay above 21 HrSMA & DHEMA)
For intra trades/ partial booking & re-entry, hourly HrHEMA/ LEMA can be used

vishnu said...

Respected Sir and Blogmates,
Taken retrace of 7669 to 7623 . Is this proper pls advice SL below 7632.

Aly said...

Dear Sir,

approx. value of ii-ii trendline plz for this hour

Bharat Kumar said...

@ Shriram - -WW active?

Pattern Trading said...

My Dear master ...

Just wanted to check your view on this nifty count..

Please reply when u are free

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