Thursday, June 12, 2014

Nifty Intraday Update-I


DR.SGM said...

Dear sir,4th may not breach the trendline in a strong this view a valid one?

Rajesh Rekhani said...

Bhel correction looks complete.
Any suggetion?

Crorepathi said...

KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid) money making from market
# Market moves in impulsive or corrective waves
# Trade futures in impulsive - 20% of the time
# Write options in Corrective - 80% of the time
How to know which phase, read Sir's EOD "Nifty-Day & S.Macd" chart.

Jai Ilango! Jai Elliott!

p.s this is just a roadmap, there are finer practical things to learn.

Sonu said...

@Shriram Sir,

Slowly OI turning your way :)

Ilango said...


4th breaking channel is a guideline that works on "most" occasions and it need not be a rule.

When are the exceptions? I do not know;

strong trending market - possibly.

rj said...

live video of 24 students swept away by water ...............see how in 3 minutes death comes n takes over life..........May god bless all their souls


what does these two green arrow means on oscillator (near 6600 level)

shriram said...

@ Sonu: intra OI is bullish actually !! .. only after 30mins < 7600 NS , HnS will trigger

DR.SGM said...

sir,yesterday"s downfall, followed by leading diagonal,holding the yesterday low,swift upmove,prompted me to raise that view,but ultimately it turns into the "c' leg B of 4th as i hope.any way thank u for ur guidence.

Sonu said...

@Shriram Sir,

Yes, but the OI addition in 7600PE is now less than 3lacs. Earlier it was much more.
See below for 7600 strike:

J.R.Julius said...

NF touched ur number
innum evlo neram NS ORB - Oru Manthiratha pottu udaichu vidunga Boss
Porumai Kadalinum Perithu

NF touched ur number
Till Now Inside ORB NS - Patience

Prabhanshu Raman said...

Thanks Shri. I see now 7652+ and 7579-89 break is imp for decisive move.

@Rajesh, in bhel 2 options are there.
1. Correction for the rise from 240.70 till 266.20.
2. Correction for the rise from 172 til 291
If 240.70 breached then we can say correction is on the way for the rise from 172. If this happens, then I may suspect that it may touch 210-220.
So please keep the retraces ready

shriram said...

@ Sonu: yes, that is true... lets wait for more evidence from price now, to trigger the Pattern.. Mechanical Trigg. suits this game

Ilango said...


When the higher T/F, namely "Day" is in uptrend, the correction in Hour finds support at key averages, namely 21 Hr sma or 34 Hr smas and the day trend asserts its uptrend "till exhaustion sets in".

The green arrows are marked when prices found support at such key averages and closes above them.

We have also drawn a minor support line connecting those two points; next break would bring the prices deeper down.

Prabhanshu Raman said...

Shri, I see +ww triggered in tisco 15 mins spot tgting 561 and 577. But 1-3-5 line whiped few times before trigger. Please see and suggest.

Abhi said...


Sorry for asking ur opinion on directly trades. But I am bit confused with my conservative trade.
I have started it after 3-4 months as have been very busy with office, so not holding any pos.
So for NOW, conservative trade -
Long ns > 7652 ns, sl - 7620ns.
Short ns < 7579ns, sl - 7600ns...

cud u plz suggest.

J.R.Julius said...

Morning Price Action & ORB

shriram said...

@ Prabha: Does look valid to simple eyes :-)

shriram said...

pls note same +WW , can also be seen as -HnS ... which side breakout is imp. that directional guess is everything !

Prabhanshu Raman said...

Also you can spot hns as well in tisco. And 2-4 line is line joining head and shoulder and its current value is around 558. If it close above this, can we see good upmove?

Ilango said...

Weak below 7616 & 7605.

anmpatel said...

nifty making ascending triangle in 2 min chart from opening breakout will above 7652....
also the last two hour high!!!

Ilango said...

@ Abhi,

Prices have been getting rejected above "7650", stated earlier.

Book profits on longs in trading positions.(100% or 75%, your choice)

Book profits on longs in delivery positions.(50% or 35%, your choice & depending on individual scrip's technicals)

EOD Rsi Chart has a trendline/channel on/in which prices have been taking support for the past few days. Prices broke this channel for two days and then moved back above it. Break of the same again would indicate weakness in the short term.

That point would be approx:7569.

For deeper falls, "7498" should be breached decisively.

It is likely that till the budget, (till the FIFA games), listless trading is likely; "Writers will make money; scalpers too.

Being a strongly trending market, the usual approach will fail. Keep this in mind and look at OB conditions accordingly.

chiragbvyas said...

how to calculate JNSAR in microsft excel ?

Aly said...

Sir posts a msg and nifty starts correcting :)

dv pandit said...


chiragbvyas said...

Can anyBlog mate help reharding JNSAR excel sheet ?

marina s rao said...

Day Low : 7593.80 Day High : 7652.10 Range : 58 Points Day Pivot : 7639 Hr. Pivot : 7636

NS well above HKPC ( Hepta Kilo Penta Cent).

Currently hovering around @ 7635.

NS below Day Pivot @ 7639 showing signs of weakness.

NS in SOR mode in Hr. T/F & in BAH mode Day T/F.

NS wii b in BAH mode once above Hr. HEma @ 7650 in Hr. T/F.

Strength only above D Ema @ 7635.

BAH = Buy And Hold

SOR = Sell On Rises

Hepta Kilo Penta Cent = 7500

prakashbkc said...


Will there be no prebudget rally?

NI3 said...

@Shiram sir & prabhanhu sir
approximate HNS target for tata steel,,, it is not crossing 558 till time
thanks a lot

NI3 said...

@Shriram & prabhanshu Sir how to work that HNS i had misplaced formula given

The_Unprejudiced_Observer said...

What do you see?
Markets not falling.... Upside Likely with Daily Trend Up
Not Rising .... Uptrend getting exhausted
Cat on the Wall....

The_Unprejudiced_Observer said...

Advances 27
Declines 23
In favour of advance?

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