Thursday, June 5, 2014

Nifty breaks out of the consolidating channel @ 7425.


shriram said...

The Idea-train is flowing today ,so let me write it as i get it...

From an EW perspective, Markets have 2 primary MODES, Motive & Corrective
Learn to use EW as a philosophy & now use SCIENCE to make the ART more Hi-prob.

Digi. Signal Processing Maths & Radio Theory allow for mathematical segregation of the market in 2 modes
1. Consolidation / Corrective --> HiFreQ noise
2. Trending / Brkout-down --> Low FreQ DATA

What we need is a MATHEMATICAL "FM Radio" ... One that Dynamically tunes out the Hi-FReQ Noise (whipsaw) & only plays the Low-FreQ Melody of TREND !

Signal -to - Noise Ratio (SNR) : Low-FreQ TREND / Hi-FreQ Noise ...threshold for this ratio determines the % Quality of a Corrective ending & a new TREND EMERGING

Then our job reduces to search for PATTERNS (WW, EW, classic TA, harmonics), & OI behaviour that allow such a SNR trigger to generate a Hi-prob , Hi R:R, TRADE TRIGGER

Work out ur ENTRY, place the ISL, know ur Tgts for Exit.. Pre-program it in ur head & then Execute

Science + Art + Discipline + Arjun Focus --> Maketh a Trade Warrior :-)

deepak pinto said...

Today market had to do it and did it in style.
0 b tl of the flat corrective.has been broken in lesser time than c formed.
Also today it belied the fact that a triangle was forming. It had given an early indication early on with a gap up and sharp upmove at the start of the present impulse.

deepak pinto said...

As a suggestion to choosing a system
Go with the one that responds to change in a tf which is suitable to ones temperament , time available, risk appetite.
The more the system is in sync with price action the better.
As the only thing constant is change

Pattern Trading said...

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ankita said...

Any gap up will be selling opportunity.

Ashish Agarwal said...
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