Friday, June 20, 2014

Nifty's ST weakness, in both Day & Hour, has spread to "Week".


nakshatra said...

Sir is Monthly trend still up?

Raghavendra said...

@ Nakhtra,

Month trend is UP with momentum.
Week trend is UP without momentum
Day trend is DOWN without momentum
Hour trend is DOWN with momentum

ChangeMaster said...

Dear Sir, is the correction assuming 5 wave converging triangle with likely breakout on the upside? Kindly guide

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

@Consolidations corrections sideways markets are like mid semester tests.....:):) ...If u clear them....u r one more step closer to graduating.....:):)

It will test ur Drawdown Limits, ur Staying Power, ur Fear Index, ur Anxiety Disorder, ur Panic Disorder, ur Patience...and so many other things......Faith and Patience is the key here...

I think Raghavendra has summed up the Nifty status nicely.....It is 0 : 0 for both bulls and bears ...Now for the penalty kicks...:):)...Next week is budget week...there will be lot of hits, misses, saves, self goals....:):).....

Shraddha Saburi....:):)

Venky said...

@STBSTB ji, I appreciate if you can post your views in Technical terms.

deepak pinto said...

Ur tt read succint and apt.
Just am obs
Latest signal from tt weak cliked SOR
The previous sihnificant 5
6639 to 7654 was retraced just short of 38 percent.
7564- 6639=925
7564-7216=348 which is 37 odd percent of 925 !

But yesterday market closed just more than 38 percent of last significant 5 day tf
7700-7216 =484
7700- 7511=189 which is 39 odd percent
7700- 7487 the low of the week is 40 odd percent
In all subtle sign that there is selling pressure in st. Significantly its the first more than 38 close in the entire rally barring the first at 6000 levels
Bears have the edge st

Rajnish Singh said...

Great information and i hope this will be continue them.
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Sunil Minz said...

@deepak pinto
your calculation of fibo is quite good 62 % retracement is 7400 and 80% is 7300 so guess how far this C wave can go i wll say 7414 region 3 reasons
3rd wave should not be smallest
trend line passing @7414
we are in bull market this is clear and this is just correction so below 7300 all hell will break lose!!

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