Thursday, June 12, 2014

Nifty Pre-Market View.

FII's are net buying consistently during this month but started to sell in small since yesterday.
Prices, in the short term, have closed in between two key ST averages.
"Impulsive 3rd wave" seems to be underway with minor corrections within a channel;
The ST direction is "sideways" till prices continue to close between/ below these two key averages(21 or 34 hr smas).
Aggressively Holding below 7673, Conservatively Holding below 7579 correction continues....
The strategy that has worked consistently well with low risk-high reward ratio is "Initiating a trade at 50%-61.8% retrace with 80% as SL". Adapt to it.
7579-89 & 7535 are two key supports
7639-41 & 7663-73 are two key resistances today.


Suraj said...

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DNSHUKLA said...

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J.R.Julius said...

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Cámáríllá Key Levels - Nifty Spot
H4@7688 ↑
H3@7657 ↓
L3@7596 ↑
L4@7566 ↓
Message for the Day: Face what you must Face.

San said...

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NIFTY Chart analysis: CLICK Here

prakashbkc said...

GM master,

21hrsma & 34hrsma both shown same?

marina s rao said...

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marina s rao said...

Ganesh said...
Dear Friends,

I am a newbie in trading. My name is Ganesh. I started reading Elango Master's writings from Apr 14. It's a great service done by Elango Sir and all the members in educating with valuable knowledge.

Could someone explain the strategy that should have been followed and deduced at 1100 and upto 1400 hrs as per Elango Master's chart.

I am bit confused on the trend indicator four principles. Please explains in simple terms so that all the members could have clear understanding.

With thanks Ganesh
June 11, 2014 at 6:40 PM

venkatapathy l said...

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Himansu Mehta said...


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Alternate counts if fall below 7474



Ganesh IMR said...

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amber said...

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Muthu Thamizhini said...


If any experts here follow FII derivative data to predict market movements please comment on my observation.

The netlong in index futures is very less now ( only 50000 contracts net long) which is very less in the past few months. This is even touched more than 300000 sometime back. Anything to intrepret here?

Also their stock futures shorts are mind boggling. If the market goes further up, would they not lose in that?

please comment.

vishnu said...

Respected Sir and Blogmates,
Namaskar and Good Morning

anmpatel said...

Good Morning Master and friends,
7625.5 is todays HA open level.

yesterday last hour nifty formed doji in hrly chart, for hrly HA open is 7629 if started to form green candles in hrly we can expect further "UP"

thanks and all the best.

anmpatel said...


i am sure the all long contract will be : "JNSAR" long contracts....


Anandha said...


Does FII start selling in cash market or F&O. or Both? Many Data analysts wrote FII bought index futures and net OI increased. Am I reading old data ?


Muthu Thamizhini said...


FII actually sellers in index futures this month. BUt overall they are still net long in index futures. Cash buying receded yesterday...

marina s rao said...

Day Low : 7593.80 Day High : 7652.10 Range : 58 Points Day Pivot : 7639 Hr. Pivot : 7624

NS well above HKPC ( Hepta Kilo Penta Cent).

Currently hovering around @ 7620.

NS below Day Pivot @ 7639 showing signs of weakness.

NS in SOR mode in Hr. T/F & in BAH mode Day T/F.

NS wii b in BAH mode once above Hr. HEma @ 7649 in Hr. T/F.

Strength only above D Ema @ 7630.

BAH = Buy And Hold

SOR = Sell On Rises

Hepta Kilo Penta Cent = 7500

shriram said...

GM Master & JN Family,

BNS -WW Hr TA tgt is still open to 15,100 .. NS will trigg. a -HnS on 30mins close < 7600

Have a gr8 trading day !

Sonu said...

@Shriram Sir,
Only PE addition for the day so far. Does it make HnS low prob?

shriram said...

@ Sonu : yes, OI behaviour is currently @ odds to suspect -HnS ... have to wait n see for ENTRY TRIGG. as mentioned

Prakash said...

gudmorning master and all fnrds

deepak pinto said...

Yesterday shorts cov at 7600
Today looks like corrective abc done and up move to continue to unfold

Prabhanshu Raman said...

GM Sir and Friends.

Shri - what are the shoulder values in 30 mins tf. I am not getting the clear values of it.

CDG said...

Dear Ilango,
As per guidelines of equality between i & v if we consider this rise after 7579 as blue v then it should come around 7794 (considering blue i was from 7216 to 7433).
This might complete green i.
is this correct?

shriram said...

@ Prabha: the way it appears as of now, 7651.70 is the RH of the suspect -HnS

Mango said...

Hi sir,
i started reading your blogs & find interesting but really good unsure about how to understand all technical strategy explained, please advice me where should i start from.

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