Friday, August 22, 2014

Nifty is getting resisted at "Broadening Top" with yet another "pause"..


Pattern Trading said...

Good evening master and blog mates ..

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kuheli said...

Ilango Sir,
If one stock closed above its JNSAR [in stockwealth blog] today and I bought it. Now, if it trades below the very JNSAR tomorrow, shall I quit it immediately or wait till EOD to see if it closes above JNSAR of that stock? It is fooling time and again. Please guide

mynac said...

Dear kuheli ,
I know,I am not the right person to guide you on this subject but,if you shall observe the following observations for last 5 Days while trading with JNSAR then it may help you.
1) Price rising/stagnant but JNSAR is falling the very next day.
2) Price falling/stagnant but JNSAR is rising the very next day.
3) Price and JNSAR both rising.
4) Price and JNSAR both falling.

Kalai Selvan said...

hai can we expect nifty 80 points dip from its high,,either monday r tuesday

kizar khan said...

why 80 points dip kalai ????

kuheli said...

mynacji, What action to be taken on different occasions as stated in points nos. 1 to 5 respectively?

mynac said...

Dear kuheli,
One may think over, along with other studies(if any) to go long or short
1) Price wants to cross/go up to JNSAR.
2) Price wants to trigger/go down below JNSAR.
3) Nifty trading in Uptrending market.
4) Nifty trading in Downtrending market.

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