Monday, August 18, 2014

Nifty Intraday Update-III


Raghavendra said...

The Toruk flies.

BN upper end of the trading range - resistances are from 15580 to 15600.

ICIC Bank , HDFC continue the momentum while SBI turns up today.

nifty rider said...

sbin 2435 raadhe raadhe..

Prabhanshu Raman said...

Just keep watching 7872.20. -WW has formed and will trigger if price close below 7872.20 for 2 60 mins.

Prabhanshu Raman said...

Sir, thanks for fast rise. I am still bad in it. I thought 5/20SMA crossover on upside will be considered as fast rise set up

kizar khan said...

Hi prabhansu sir , what is -ww target if close below 7872 today

Ilango said...

@ Prabhanshu Raman,

You just have to choose one ST avg and a MT avg of a particular T/F for this.

Too close averages will not be effective and so do too far ones.

Use them in conjunction with other technical inputs. For eg: the current one was supported by RSI Pattern, S.Macd bottoming out after a long period of consolidation just above -0-line.

Prabhanshu Raman said...

Thanks Sir.

Earlier I used to give tgts as per pattern thinking that it will help people to understand how to derive the targets. But seems it is not happening. So, I have stopped it recently. I will give only chart OR may mention the pattern now onwards.

SJkolkata said...

Will u conside close at 3:30 as a trigger.
Thanks in advance.


shriram said...

G.afty master n jnfamily

Hope all is well. Eodclose> 7890 ns will trigger an i-hns on day ta. Simple eyes from last wk

Hv a nice day

Bharat Kumar said...

Sriram, Welcome back! :-)
Ilango Sir - EW targets at 8000 - 8050 ...?

nifty rider said...

todays journey of sbin -2361 to 2435...
infy-3597 to 3553
carrying forward

Prabhanshu Raman said...

Nope. Not sure. But i think i will take tomorrow's 10am close. But each individual is free to take there call.

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