Monday, August 18, 2014

Nifty, having set the stage for a sharp rise with a +ve bias, rewarded the "followers/ believers"...


gkm223 said...

The main point to be watched in the chart is - price candles are in rising channel, but macd is in down slope channel, and even rsi is not so trendy with price channel.
These are not good signs.

Bullish Cartel said...

Yes its not but the whole trading community is sceptical
So reverse logic rewarding

Immortal said...

"This widespread global selloff is too early to write off bullish more above"

Hope the alert helped and reinforced the confidence to not conclude the set up on 1st August as part of Larger Correction.

All the best and happy trading!!

mynac said...

Dear gkm223,
Partly agree with you.i.e.Due to Hrly.overbought condition intra day correction is need of the hr.....nevertheless,another good gap up opening would have the potential to nullify that effect in first half.
Would like to see the real tussle,if any, in second trading half only.

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