Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nifty Intraday update-I


Rasendra Zala said...


sudharsan said...

Good morning Master and friends...Master last week we closed below wk5dema and has generated a sell on the it still active ??? Pls guide

DN Shukla said...

Good Mng Sir and Friends.

Ilango said...

@ sudharsan,

As stated in the Pre-Market View:

A cluster of resistances are seen in the chart below from 7755 to 7810.

If prices are unable to break through this and break down below 21 & 34 Hr Smas(at that time), the weekly trend could assertion will work.

Rajesh Rekhani said...

A 5 down looks done in BN.

kizar khan said...

Good morning seniors and master,
Vk soni sir what's is ur view on nifty today like yesterday

vksoni said...

Kizar khan,
I am very much juniour here.
Surrendred to ilango sir well thought out study here with little bit of my affort to change my mindset.
Pls follow pre market view.
Like to remember sir's trade table lavel 7695 holding above upmove continue.

vksoni said...

Kizar khan
My effort which i postef earlier
Good evening ilango sir and blogmates...
A non technical obeservation
Trying to take clue from open intrest range. july month expiry starting with max oi range of 7000-8000 a 1000 point range.august month start with 7300-8000 a 700 point i am taking 60% (approx golden ratio) of both ranges ie for july it is 600 and for august it is 420.
July month max oi 8000-600=7400(low made 7422)then a 400 point rally (7841)7800 is 80% from oi lower range
August month max oi 7300+420=7720(high made 7717) Downside tgt 80% from upper range 8000-560=7440....???

On the other hand 60% from current oi higher range 8000-420=7580 is to be watch as support
Conclusion---Taking 7580 approx as pivot downside below 7580 is 7440(flat c in ilango sir chart)
Holding 7580 approx 80% of oi range ie 560 point from lower range 7300+560=7860(brodening top upper boundary)

Ilango said...

Prices have held J10SAR-7716 but struggling around JNSAR-7726.

Intraday traders would take note of this...

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-7739, S1-7689, R1-7823, VWAP-7744

Though the Index is in Red, but Option Table looks good with support gathering strength at 7700 Level, Holding above 7723NF is positive...

Thanks & Regards

kizar khan said...

Vksoni , thank you so much. I thanks to Illango sir your making student as rider in market.


Ilango said...

11.00AM TT & Chart Updated..

Raman Kapoor said...

Dear Sir,

Does the hour or day have to be OB for weekly trend to assert or is it not important?


Ilango said...

@ Raman Kapoor,

When a higher T/F trend (week) asserts itself, one need to be alert at (one T/F lower (Day)) the "high range developed in the last 5 days. Such range of last 5 days is "7792 to 7594".

Prices have come closer to the highs at 7752 but yet to show any weakness in yet another lower T/F two or three Hour lows at 7716.

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