Friday, August 1, 2014

Nifty Intraday update-I


Ilango said...

7687 7696 ... is 50%-61.8% retrace of the last fall from …… 7724 to 7650

80% is - 7709

If weakness is to return, it should be around 7687 7696

Strength gets confirmed above 7696 OR 7709

ramesh said...

What is target below 7687 sir?

ramesh said...

What about Bank nifty sir?

Unknown said...

BNF holding n sustaining 15262 wud probably trgt 15395 - 15425 zone

mridul deka said...

@Illango sir,


i am confused please correct me

a = 7841 to 7723
b = 7723 to 7800
a/i = 7800 to 7708
b/ii = 7708 to 7799
7799 to
Holding below 7680, it could make a new low to complete a 5 from 7750.

sir how do u calculate from 7750 ( please make me understand)

Parimal said...

Chart of Larsen & Toubro is badly damaged

Prabhanshu Raman said...

Pls note there could be +ww pattern trigger if prices closed above 7704-6 for 2 15 mins, whr in 1-4 tgt line is at 8100. Sl will be a 15mins close below 1-3-5 line ie 7704-06 post trigger

SP said...

@mridul deka,
master has always stated that counting subwaves on minute chart is a challenging task.

one set of 5 is visible at 7775-7727 which is retraced to 50% at 7751 and then next set of 5 waves started. thats why 7751 is my master is the best person to ans this.

Prabhanshu Raman said...

Chk below. Yellow line is for +ww and blue line for possible hns as neckline and shlders

Bhavir said...

Sir-in the count i, ii where ii is expanded flat, why not treat it as A, B instead since i or A is clearly of 3 sections. It fits a 3-3-5 corrective structure.

Or Can i of a 5 wave structure also be sub divided in 3 sections

The_Unprejudiced_Observer said...
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mridul deka said...

@Illango sir will you reply my query

mridul deka said...

@SP thanx for ur reply i have some doubt what u said. sorry bro

Ilango said...

@ mridul deka,

These are readings from 2-min google candle chart..It changes quickly, if price behaviour don't match with our observations.

The time taken by this bounce suggest of 'abc-x-abc" kind..(preferable)

Accordingly, monitor the retrace for 7799 to 7650 fall.

7707 7725 ... is 38%-50% retrace of the last fall from …… 7799 to 7650

80% is - 7769

If weakness is to return, it should be around 7707 7725

Strength gets confirmed above 7725 OR 7769

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