Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nifty Intraday update-I


Ilango said...

vth of the upmove from 7655 seem to be sub-dividing from 7724.

bb said...

Prabhanshu - What is the new EW count for BHEL now?

Raghavendra said...
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Ilango said...

At Pre-Mkt's res. @ 7757. ; also at previous cluster resistance - 7749-55.

Strength above these.

Raghavendra said...

Faster retracement of the fall done in both Nifty and Sensex.

Last up move in Nifty from 7540 to 7755 took less time than the time it from moving down from 7752 to 7540.

S N said...


What is the suggested filter for Bank nifty ? It hit JNSAR @ 15063 for Long but below 15063 now.. Can we keep week ema (15020 ) as SL for this JNSAR and reverse the short for short ? Thanks..


Ilango said...

@ S N,

I do not trade BN at all.

The filter for BN, comparing the same with Nifty, has been suggested as 60 approx.

Let BN traders share their experience of using filter for BN.

Application of filter mechanically is not a refined method; But considering the presence of Key numbers closer to BN JNSAR would make it an effective one.

Raghavendra said...

@ Bhavin,

For a newcomer on the blog : Good place to start are the links on right hand side of the page.

Always Start Trading with these
1. Trending or Sideways.?
2. Pivot, support & Resistance
3. ORB
4. Divergences + / -
5. Trade time cycle-Min/Hr/Day
6. JNSAR Trading method
7. Trading Discipline
8. Tech. Table Reading.


Asha said...

Good morning Ilango Sir and all the Blog mates!

Hi Bhavin Naram,

Pure JNSAR trade should be taken when 2 days close below JNSAR value.
10 JNSAR is 10ema.
My observation is when JNSAR goes above 10JNSAR fall is likely,
when 10JNSAR goes above JNSAR rise is likely in the nifty.

Rajesh Rekhani said...

Voltas hourly chart enclosed.
Above 210 it looks boolish. Below 206, -ww will form.

S N said...

Sir - Thanks. Our JNSAR works very well for BN as well. Hence I venture in BN .

I will wait for our frineds views and guidance. Now I remember some of our seniors were using 75 points filter.

Another thought was applying day pivot as SL which is just 68 points for this this trade.



ankita said...

as B top was 7752 and mkt crossed it, so can we say that this small B out, or currently we are in progress for B and C is pending.?

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-7723, R1-7782, R2-7815, VWAP-7752

The 7700 Level for the day seems to have gone to the Bulls with huge addition of more than 10 Lacs and now OI around 50 Lacs, Resistance still very good at 7800, Buy the Dips…

Thanks & Regards

Bhavin Naram said...

Thanks guys for your help and guidance. I will have a look at all the material on this blog.

Ilango said...

11.00AM TT & Chart Updated.

Ilango said...

7706 7694 ... is 50%-61.8% retrace of the last rise from …… 7655 to 7757

80% is - 7675

If strength to return again, it should be around 7706 7694

Weakness gets confirmed Below 7694 OR 7675

vksoni said...

good morning ilango sir and blogmates
-ww visible in 5 min target 7680 approx
2-4 line break confirmation below 7720

Unknown said...

Newer LOWS for BNF below n sustaining below 14965. current resistence at 14990 which is the 50%@ retracement av the current subwave

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