Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nifty, having averages finally caught up with prices, is set to make the next decisive move..


kuheli said...

Ilango Sir,
If one stock closed above its JNSAR [in stockwealth blog] today and I bought it. Now, if it trades below the very JNSAR tomorrow, shall I quit it immediately or wait till EOD to see if it closes above JNSAR of that stock? It is fooling time and again. Please guide

Sudhakar said...

Dear Ilango sir

The prices for the first 25 Nifty Midcap stocks are not correct in Stock Wealth. Please change the same.

Thanks in advance

deepak pinto said...

of interest
considering only open and closes of yest and today
close is exactly at 38. percent of yesterday
seemingly chaotic move of today has a perfect ending.
not piercing or harami
but support lines are being drawn around 7875
for the next move

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