Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Nifty holds well above last rise retrace for a likely "decisive move"ahead of long weekend.


gs said...

master hope you are recovering well.
does anyone sees the following scenario
the very narrow trading range to day means range expansion in making,probably coinciding with anticipated court order on sep 1,market is holding near highs in hope that court will be lenient with the companies considering the implication on power production and economy...if however the court judgement leads to heavy fines-or reallocation ----further if criminal cases are ordered against company bosses it would be negative

vksoni said...

Respected ilango sir,
Hope you are recovering well.
We all your student having a fear/tension about your health.
Thaugh i feel every winner has a fear inside him.Hope our fear is winner's one and we all wins in our praying.and god grace you long and healthy life.
Sorry if i use any wrong word as my english is not good.
Jai Ganesh

Num Char said...

Good evening sir !!

Hope you getting better !

Get well soon and come back in the ring , we all are waiting :)

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