Monday, August 11, 2014

Nifty Intraday Update-III


nifty rider said...

no short unless it breaches ydays low......coming back after long time

vksoni said...

a truncated c of flat almost done holding 7605 sir?

durga said...

@SN-my two cents fr yu--my observation is unless market closes below WK LEMA i cant hold short position over week(friday to monday) I usually do not carry overnite shorts if market is abv DAYLEMA(this means hrly weakness can recuop next the same way daily weakness can recover over week if market is abv wklema.hope yu got .allthe best

durga said...

ADD-this is already noted in TECH TABLE.i follow it with good results.our actions must be confirmed by one higher time frame (applies to 2 min TF onwards

S N said...

Sir / Friends - thanks for your guidance...Will be more careful in future..



videv said...

NF volumes are very low today compared to last few days, 48.6 lakh so far... not sure if because of 4 day week, 15th Fri being independence day.

Prithvi Raulji said...

And finally Broke 7628

anand said...

Another tight range day with gap up , similar to range day on Friday after gap down.
Backed by low volumes, its cat on the wall and we may not be clear of up or down side, despite close above 50 SMA / DLEMA expected ?

Or as Master posted the broadenign top pattern, the dip till 7540 is done and now new highs...Lets see.
Watching the tussle...from the ring side....saving the nose.!

Amit Kumar said...


Is it island reversal in Nifty?


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