Friday, October 4, 2013

Nifty pauses with an intraday correction..


Prabhanshu said...

Hi Sir, I am confused with current probable ew counts. I send you my query/understanding during weekend. . Request you to please help me on that at your convenient time

gkm223 said...

if time permits please reply,
after 1,2,3,4,5 upto 6229 A B C completed near 5119 . can i count the current 5119-6142 as wave 1 and 6142-5700 as wave 2 and the current as wave 3. is there any error in counting.

gkm223 said...

any reply will be very helpful regarding above query.

gkm223 said...

or wave 1 completed at 6229 ,then wave 2 @ 5119 and wave 3 is in process with sub waves.?

Ilango said...

@ gkm223,

At 5701, the bullish 2nd wave could have been completed.

Possibilities are many. I have combined TA and posted the ones that compel me.

I would prefer to post just 2 possibilities; if there are more, I would prefer not to label it but wait for more clarity.

Today, in the first post itself, I called a 5 waves though the minor "v" of 5th was still pending but I wanted to have it in the retrace table. Subsequently, I did not want to comment on the corrective wave as it leads to " too many distractions".

EW works quite well in larger T/F as the "time taken to form" can not be changed by any manipulation.

gkm223 said...

Service to mankind is service to GOD. I can say this for master.

ankur sharma said...

Sir ,
I would hereby request you to kindly add my alias - to the JustNifty Group.

Could I know if there is any thread where I can be introduced to the group?

Thanks in advance

Ankur Sharma
Place - Noida

ankur sharma said...

Sir ,
Thanks for adding my alias
For introduction to others , I would first traverse the available threads and bother you if in case unable to find one

Thanks once again !


Bhavesh said...

Sir after closing last month below mlema this month nifty is able to close above mlema should we not consider it as a pause.Pls guide somethings about month averages.

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