Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nifty, holding 6235, makes a new high with Month TA turning "full green".

Congratulations to "salildali" for calling Expiry close @ 6300 at 1:39PM with the valid reason being " as call writers will not let it close above it".
Congratulations to "VK Soni" for his untiring efforts.
And a Big thank you to all participants.


manu s said...

This was an excerpt from weakly analysis by Vivek Patil


The larger question to ask would be if the last buyer has bought into. Top cannot form until he has.
In order to suck in the last buyer, NEoWave does not rule out tricky trade, including a “suckers rally”,
at the top under its “Exception Rule”. We may watch out for that.

An ideal “suckers rally” usually involves making a New High. As we can be seen on the chart above,
Sensex moved higher than its ‘1992 highs during ‘1994 and ‘1997, but reacted by over 30% both the times


Are we in once such now ? Only market will tell.

Pattern Trading said...

Hello master,

Charan sparsh.. Congrats salildali..

Nifty chart update : Click Here

vksoni said...

Thank you sir.
congratulation to winner.
Thank you to all participent.

durga said...


shriram said...

@ Salil:

Hearty Congratulations & Have a sparkling Diwali !

ITradeForProfit Daily said...


Congrats !!! keep it going !!!

Sourav Kundu said...

Dear manu s,
Deciphering VP's newsletter is difficult for me... so I prefer JNSAR! :D Congrats Salildali!

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