Monday, October 21, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-I


sudharsan said...

Master below 6163 can we expect larger Retrace from 5701 ?????

nissan deka said...

dear Illango sir , is (3) wave is finished or still in progress ?

Small trader said...

Ilango said...
If holds below 6215-20(approx), a 5-wave from 6129 completed and a correction of 30 to 40 points likely.
October 21, 2013 at 9:38 AM

Is this the golden words !!!

nissan deka said...

sir a correction of 30-40 points from todays high or last close

Ilango said...

@ sudharsan,

Below 6163 or 6147, a larger correction for 6033 to 6219 should be watched out for. If falls below 6147, it is likely that a larger correction is underway for the rise from 5701.

Ilango said...

Read as:

it is likely that a larger correction is underway for the rise from 5826.

Obsessive Lover said...

Why is it so difficult to simply follow jnsar.
I have been seeing jnsar mint money from last 3-4 years but still have not been able to follow it. :(

Master can you please tell me what should be the mindset so that i can religiously follow jnsar.

Bala C said...

Obsessive Lover...

Seems like you are in obsessive love with something ELSE :)

cooldent said...

obsessive lover

be a robot

Ilango said...

@ Obsessive Lover,

Keep away from market talk, news & events.

Just follow the prices and JNSAR; To improve it further, only during the sideways phase when prices are closing between DHEma & DLEma, use any input from your own technical study. If such an input & the attempt to improve during sideways mode did not produce any "improved results", go back to following JNSAR number at all times.

Markets have a way of shaking your confidence with short term volatility. Learn to accept them as long as such a volatility is above JNSAR number during uptrend and below JNSAR during downtrend.

Remember, once you have made a plan, commit to it till the number says "reverse".

Prabhanshu Raman said...

Sir. . Is that mandatory in hns pattern that neckline and line joining left and right shoulder should be parallel??

Obsessive Lover said...

Thanks a lot master..I appreciate your prompt and apt reply...
Will definitely give my best shot to follow your words...

rj said...

@ Obsessive Lover

want to add further as i was also victim as you are : dont stuck in front of terminal all the time ,
dont see your ledger account or MTM every time , most important do same quantity always ( we dont do this which is most important) & finally keep enough margin per lot for trading ... if you can believe in this & do all steps you will no longer the victim as non jnsar follower

Ilango said...

@ Prabhanshu Raman,

That is theory. A likelihood.

In practice, in real market, it takes many different forms while keeping the basic structure intact.

HNS pattern is highly talked about and its efficiency has come down a lot over the years.

Piyush Sharda said...

sir ,
can u pls mention ur labelling of 6129-6219.

Prabhanshu Raman said...

Inhs in 2 min Nifty Spot chart in making. If doesn't go below 6184 and breach 6198 will be the confirmation. Targets 6221 with sl at 6184

shriram said...

GM Master & JN Family,

As long as EOD close > 6130-50 NS, bulls will keep the bears @ bay

have a gr8 day !

DZIRE said...

Namaste Ilango Sir & all members.

Vivek Dhadha said...
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Dreamer said...

A question on the longer term picture. Can the whole picture since 2008 high be seen as such:

"A" leg from 2008-09.
"B" leg started from March 2009 which is forming as a triangle, with wave a, b, c over. d wave got over at the recent low of 5150 odd. and the ongoing rally as wave e, to complete the traingle, before the start of Wave C down.

Triangle are known to form in Wave B or Wave 4. Till the upper line of the triangle is not crossed with more than a throwover, would you discard this possibility. It would also explain these 3 waved moves in each direction as Triangle are the most difficult patterns to trade or recognize until quite late in the pattern.

anmpatel said...

@ master
thanks to boost confidence in how to manage jnsar trade in trading market

100% agree and I am using your solution thanks bro...

check today ND sirs page right now...

thanks all have work to do...all the best jnsar tradersa...sit tight...

Ilango said...

6219 to 6177 fall is a 3 wave structure, a clue to a "Flat correction".

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-6174, R1-6260, S1-6124, VWAP-6218

The PE writers are on a rampage with huge addition at 6100 level, whereas the CE writers are nowhere to be seen, Buy the Dips till Weekly VWAP at 6174 is held…

Thanks & Regards

Ilango said...

@ Piyush Sharda ,


(Prices as per google 2 min chart).

If 6033 to 6152.35 is 1
6152.35 to 6129.35 is 2
6129.35 to 6218.80 is 3
6218.80 to xxxx is unfolding as 4th.

It gets negated if breaks below 6163-47.

NSB said...

6219 to 6177 fall is a 3 wave structure, - very basic question, trying take some baby steps
is it in hourly or 30 minutes chart or line chart
do clarify sirji
thanks in advance

lokesh said...

dear Illango sir,
Pls let me know how to trade using the JNSAR numbers in the chart what u r showing sir

Piyush Sharda said...

thank u sir for the detailed answer.
for the move from 6219-6177 only traders who can anticipate and take with small sl can
capture the move. there was no logical retracement and anybody selling break would win very small /lose

Ilango said...

@ NSB,

The fall from 6219 to 6177 happened in 24 minutes.

Now figure it out, in which T/F , one could spot a 3 wave structure;

Your options are :

A. Month B. Week C. Day D. Hour E. 30 minutes F. 5 minute or 2 minute.

Ilango said...

@ lokesh,

How to trade using JNSAR number in the chart ??

Chart number is only for the advanced traders.

Beginners should follow the number in the TT for the day.


JNSAR- a SAR Method
JNSAR for Options Trading
JNSAR for good gains
JNSAR Trading in Sideway's Market

Following WIND (Pawan) said...

@ Illango Sir

Sir Table not updated for 11:00 am

lokesh said...

Thanks Illango sir

u.k.Raj said...


6033 to 6152 = 119 1W
6152 to 6129 = 23 2W
6129 to 6219 = 90 3W
6219 to xxxx 4W

3rd must be bigger sir?

sbstock said...

Above 6200 Today ?


suresh said...

3rd must not be the shortest

Ilango said...

@ u.k.Raj,

At such a set up, it becomes easy to put a ceiling to the 5W once the 4W is known.

3rd need not be the largest, though often it is but it should never be the shortest. If that happens, change your label to accomodate the "Unbreakable Three EW rules"

NSB said...


got it

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