Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nifty completes the consolidation at support zone "5865-80" & moved to new highs...


VRJ rammanohar said...

More likely to make new highs. Though It's too early to say
Confirmation Monthly close above 6040.
JN sar can be sl.

Aijaz said...

Dear blogmates

I just again backtested both JNSAR and J10SAR:

From 29th June

JNSAR gave 1,708 points (after whipsaws)
J10SAR gave 1,466 points (after whipsaws)

please follow them religiously

ankur sharma said...

Dear Aijaz,

Could help me out to trade these learnings(SARs) , please ?

Aijaz said...

Sure Ankur, whatever I learnt is from Ilango sir and other blogmates here...

Let me know what do you want to learn? Please ask specific questions.

shree said...

How did you back tested it?
Have made any excel sheet? If yes then please share it. Will be benefitial for others too.

ankur sharma said...

Hi Aijaz ,

Kindly provide your email id

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