Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-III


Ilango said...

"6223" is R3; Market could pause or gives it a damn...

sudharsan said...

Profit booking Zone.....?


@ Ilango Sir,

From 6252 to 6079 is abc=A/1 and from 6079 to xxxx is B/2.
Could it be possible sir.

raman perumal said...

As per your previous answers and clarifications, i understood that this upmove may be B ended at 6223 and C move down may proceed. please correct me if i am wrong.

Raghavendra said...

Dear All,

Week R1 is at 6226. Week R2 is at 6307.

Last week, Nifty reversed from Week R1 at 6250.


shriram said...

G.Afty Master & JN Family,

Bulls ne to Dil Khush kar ditta :-DDDddd

Have a nice day!

sanjeev said...

is it possible 3. 2 is completed and 3.3 has started whose first is going on.

Ilango said...

@ sanjeev,

All such possibilities have been discussed today.

This week's and settlement cum month close will give some more inputs.

Until then, we should manage our trades with last rise retrace(from 6121)

sanjeev said...


Ilango said...

The "v"th wave from the lows of 6079 has commenced from 6202.

(i)st of that vth is almost done.

Observations worth to follow prices.

Ilango said...

6215 6212 ... is 50%-61.8% retrace of the last rise from …… 6202 to 6228

80% is - 6207

If strength to return again, it should be around 6215 6212

Weakness gets confirmed Below 6212 OR 6207

Ilango said...

Harpreet said...
Intresting Observation, just a copy paste!!!!!!!!
Fno game was started in India in full swing after 2003 … after that this strategy appeared in real value and till date working without any single mistake... This strategy works only with index (nifty) not with stocks … but investors can take full advantage of this strategy for building portfolio... Even traders also can get realistic idea of market moves like fiis, diis and big players.

Magic for you.. start from 2003 ……… watch 2003 nifty Jan month high its 1105.60 … now watch data of coming months of 2003 only when nifty closed above Jan month high … if m not wrong then it is may 2003 when nifty closing price was 1106.80 .. Means above Jan 2003 high price.. And pls watch after that nifty never came down below Jan 2003 month high on closing basis till 31st dec 2003. According to strategy it was clear signal for market player to go long after may 2003... For whole 2003 year.

Now just watch 2004 Jan high – it is = 2014.65 never closed above this level in 2004 whole year means clear signal no buy in 2004 .

2005 – Jan month high was 2120.15.. Closed above on monthly basis in June 2005 @ 2220.60...again after that never broke Jan high on monthly closing basis in 2005.. Means go long after June 2005 till dec 2005.

2006 – Jan high 3005.10.. Closed above this level in feb 2006.. After that never broke the same... Clear buy signal.

2007 – Jan high- 4167 … closed above in may month 2007 … never broke after that.. Clear buy.

2008 – Jan high -6357 … never closed above this level in whole 2008... Means no buy... Only sell... Touched 2252 in that year.

2009 – Jan high – 3147.. Closed above in apr 2009.. Never broke after that made high 5221 after that in 2009.. Clear buy.

2010- Jan high – 5310.85 closed above in June 2010.. Hit 6338 after that never broke.. Clear cut buy.
January 17, 2011 at 10:08 AM

Ilango said...

Jan.2013 high is 6112.80.

So far not closed above it in any of the subsequent months.

We'll watch this "Thursday"-Both settlement & Month close for the "Super upmove".

Ilango said...

Do not get carries away by the term "Super upmove"; Continue to manage your trades with proper SL & Money management.

marina s rao said...


Hat's off to U for digging out such a nugget from archives.

Let Super Upmove become a reality for benefit of The all - M S Rao

Share & Be Sure said...

Ilango said...
Do not get carries away by the term "Super upmove"; Continue to manage your trades with proper SL & Money management.
Very, very Important

Kameshwara Rao said...

Jan 2013 High is 6111.8, so far not closed above this level on "Monthly" basis
So far this is comparable to year 2008.
So this Thursday, the monthly close becomes crucial... Open Interest levels so far point to a close above that level.....
Lets C....

Arun C said...



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