Saturday, October 5, 2013

Peace of mind & harmony within will manifest "the same" all around you.

Does God exist?
There can be no other doubt as ancient or prehistoric as this!
The Vedas describe God as one without a beginning and an end. What is it that is without a beginning or an end?
The very Existence!
In that way, existence is God.
A village was starved of rain for many seasons. The fields were parched, the wells had dried. At that stage, a Zen monk came to the village. People described their pathetic condition with tears in their eyes. The monk decided to relieve them of their sufferings.
He requested for a place in the centre of the village to meditate. During the course of his meditation, the rain God was pleased and showered the village with heavy rain. The villagers drenched in joy.
They gathered around the monk with tears of gratitude and exclaimed, 'How did you manage to do this?'
The monk replied, 'As I meditated, a sense of peace dawned in my mind and harmony set in my body. The atmosphere around me was in tune with the harmony. The harmony created a difference externally; thereby enabling transformation of the season of no rain. So, it rained. If you are in harmony, nature will be in harmony with you.'
"If there is peace of mind within, the same would spread outwardly also". So is it with nature. If one does not cheat nature, it would not betray mankind. This was the philosophy proved by the Zen monk!
This is not magic or mumbo jumbo! One should accept it as a scientific truth.
Nature consists of so many wonders that are beyond our comprehension. The Vedas call this 'Maya.' This can be explained through an interesting story.
There was a farmer. He died of an illness. He had three sons. After completing the funeral rites of the father, the sons set out to check his Will and testament. His Will read like this--
‘ One half of my property should go to my first son; one third should go to my second son and one ninth should go to my third son.'
After reading this, the three sons gave up in total confusion. Because the farmer had left behind 17 elephants and nothing more! How could seventeen elephants be divided into half, or one third, or one ninth!?
As they were grappling with the problem, a sage came by and offered to help them. He read the Will carefully and smiled. He made the elephants stand in a row and told them,
‘There is one elephant in my ashram. Please go, bring it and make it stand alongside the other elephants left behind by father. The total number would then be eighteen. Let eldest son take one half of the total number elephants that is, nine.' The eldest son got nine elephants.
Next he called the second son and gave him six elephants, being one third of his share, and to the third son, two elephants being one ninth of his share, as mentioned in the will.
Then he told them, 'My children! Now as per your father's Will, I have divided the elephants among you. Now all three of you together have seventeen elephants. One elephant remains, which is mine .... which was just added for calculation purposes. So now I will take back my elephant!'
Yet another story from Vedic culture explains the philosophy of Maya. It is very important to understand the way Maya engulfs us.
A master was teaching his disciple under a lamp. The flame disappeared due to heavy wind. Now the disciple asked the master,
'Guruji! Where has the flame gone?'
'It has gone back to wherever it came from!' said the master.
So, instead of focusing on endless debate as to whether God exists or not, we must realise the divine potential within us.
Let us focus on strengthening this potential.
There is no stronger divine power than this!
Heart has its own logic that the head cannot understand. 
Be in harmony with life and nature will bless you thousand folds.
An unwise man fights his own shadow.
- Swami Sukhabodhananda.


Yash and Dhan said...

Good Morning Sir,
A Good Post to begin the day with.
A very happy Navratri to you.
One request : Could you please send the SBI TA file along with the Nifty TA file on the google group. Thanks. Good Day.

prakash nambiar said...

The unnecessary mystery called life !

durga said...

Good morning master n all blog mates
The human body is amazing
It works on physical principles wth chemical backdrop
Internal harmony can b achieved by Meditation/yoga
Many diseases can b altogether eliminated by this process
Chanting OM iz easiezt of all the sound
Creates unicorm vibrations which in turn
Eqalises physical. N chemical proterties of body.. Good day

Abhi said...

A very nice post.

varun kumar said...

Good Afternoon sir,
as usual, your post fueld me with inspiration.
Happy navratri sir!


shriram said...

Hello Master & JN Family,

Wish u all a v Happy & Auspicious Navratri !

Subhash Mittal said...

Excellent. Meditation can change one's life and personality.
Every one should meditate for half an hour daily and also should read religious books for half an hour daily.

D.S.SASAN said...

Good Evening Ilango Sir.
Your writings /weekly stories enlighten me. Very much thanks for this service.

rajiv malik said...

businessline on nifty

Nifty (5,907.3)

Nifty reversed from an intra week low of 5,700 to touch the peak of 5,950 on Friday. Investors now need to watch if the index is able to move above the key short-term resistance at 5,976.

Move above this level can take the index higher to 6,142 or even 6,332.

But its inability to move above 5,950 will be cue for short-term traders to initiate fresh short positions. Short-term targets are 5,797 and 5,705. If the index continues moving below 5,705, subsequent targets are 5,676 and 5,508.

The medium-term trend in the index is not yet apparent. A sharp move above 6,142 will give the next target at 6,332. On the other hand, a decline below 5,500 will open the way for decline to 5,150, or even below.

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