Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-I


vksoni said...

Friends today is expiry
and lets have
a contest here.
october Nifty Expiry
The rules are simple-
There are only
a) Just call out the
series close for
b) No wild guess. A
reason is must.
Everybody must give a
expected close
figure and reason for
no range
(4000-4050) ,only one
c) You need to do entry
between 9:15
to 2:30, hurry up
Seniors plz contribute.

Ilango said...

Keeping below "6252", it looks like "a" done from 6269 to 6238 and "b" is being completed as a triangle and "c" would open down...

Ilango said...

If moves past "6252", it would mean, "b" continues as a complex corrective and "c" would unfold then on, from "6260-70.

Bhavesh Kothari said...

expiry is 6188 because today is being last day of series and nifty is in overbought zone so it may close below 5dema for climbing new high in next series

shriram said...

GM Master & JN Family.

A +WW forming with today's opening low as pt3, now pt 5 may form near Dev.DHiEMA @ 6225-30 NS ...
1-4 tgt is 6255-70 NS , View valid as long as dev.Dhi, holds

suresh said...

ns > 6247:bu & < 6239:be

RainMaker said...

EXPIRY @ 6200
Option Max pain

nifty paid said...

expiry is 6224 yesterday high ema

Abhi said...

one question. Would it be okay to accumulate 6100-6200 puts of Nov series at this level ?

shriram said...

@ Abhi

Since the Q pertains to OTM options, rather than "accumulating", the best places to attempt Hi-prob Reversal trade via OTM PEs, wud be as close as possible to 6450 NS or on Breakdown < 6190 (I-HnS NL)

The premium will decay a lot if one gets into "Accumulating" mode & the R:R will not be justified from a trade angle then


Abhi said...

shriram, Thanks a lot.

mk said...


expiry at 6110 near MHEMA & maximum pain to both call and put buyers throughout the series.

mk said...

and also 80% of the last rise from 6079

ITradeForProfit Daily said...

Expiry expected at 6135

ND Sir's ATR Breakdown target.

Prakash said...

expiry at 6220-25 its yesterday DHEMA and Weekly R1 Also ( market is strong bullish )

Kumar said...

Expiry close @ 6251. VGood Support @ 6200 Dev Support @ 6250 VGood Res @ 6300 and VIX is down. Finally it would made DOJI.

Manish said...

My expiry guess is 6220 as the buying is huge especially in NF for november series so the selling may go max to 6220 and not below today..also a wave 6269 to 6238 is 31 points and it will be a =c or c= 1.618 "a" 49 -50 points

NSB said...


Hi-prob Reversal trade via OTM PEs, wud be as close as possible to 6450 NS or on Breakdown < 6190 (I-HnS NL)

this I- HnS formation - day chart or weekly chart sirji

Sonu said...

6248 - Day Pivot (also considering EW and expiry day, today should be a range-bound day)

shriram said...

@ NSB:

Daily chart dear ..

Tgts: min 6334 , optimal : 6720 NS

Anil said...


My Expiry closing is near to 6280 levels, as market bullishness will lead to close the month end at month high. Also month opening was a lower of the month, so expect bullishness in monthly candle with closing at highs.

Also my EW(i am a novice) markings telling the same:

Kiran said...

My expiry guess 6240.
Bulls will try to close above high emas. Among weekly, monthly and daily highest high ema is daily @ 6236.

da said...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nifty's weakness persists with a second round of "Sell on rises".

Bearish Gartley Pattern Explanation:
In the chart attached point X is at 6335.9, point A is at 4531.15 and in wave AB with point B at 5629.95, we retraced exactly 61.8% of wave XA, red font fib level in the chart.
In next wave down BC with C point at 4770.35 we retraced almost 78.6% of wave AB, blue font fib level in the chart.
And now while we are retracing the move of BC we already retraced 127.2% at 5863.76 so now possible target is 161.8% retracement which comes to 6161 Nifty Spot value, green font fib level in the chart. but again as wave CD can retrace 88.6% of wave XA so Nifty still can reverse from 6130 as well.
Target: The target would be 127.2% retrace of DA from point D. So if D is at 6161 target would be approximately 4040.
Validity: The pattern is invalid above point X which is at 6335.9.
Thanking you,
Debdeep Singha, Kolkata. it still valid as 6335.9 is not surpassed?

ITradeForProfit Daily said...


I had asked the same question to master a few days ago and he has already replied that this has been invalidated.

So i guess no point in banking on the same.

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