Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-III


prakashbkc said...

GA Master,

It seems nifty closing above Mhema. Can one take to buy NF as Daily closing is also above Dhema & Whema? Means any inference?

Ilango said...

6251 6247 ... is 50%-61.8% retrace of the last rise from …… 6233 to 6269

80% is - 6240

If strength to return again, it should be around 6251 6247

Weakness gets confirmed Below 6247 OR 6240

Viral P Rana said...

i can not understand this
"If the correction is of a "running
kind", downsides get eliminated."

Ilango said...

@ Viral P Rana,

Running correction: goes in the direction of the trend unlike other kinds of corrections which go in the opposite direction.

The higher high & higher lows continues in running corrections.

Hence, there is no downsides at all.

rk said...

sir, your view on tata motors please, it seems like it consistently making triangles (correction) after every rise from 280 odd levels living tata motors trapped bear in panic? though closing below High ema many times the level not seen near the low ema.

dharmu mishra said...

respected llango sir
u r my lifeline on the path of trading your ideas guidelines way of looking at market EW approach hv taught me at each and every step ur r ocean of knowledge sir
sir pls gv a thought of writing a book on trading with ur way of approach and more streamed knowledge of EW.
give a thought of delivering a leacture on market trading
sir we have a doctor OP kapoor who is doing so from long period
sharing his cases and approach in medical practice.
its benificial for new doctors
i love u trust u and respect u a lot
pls keep ur blessing always with us sir

raghava said...

Master, Tomorrow also continue this upmove?

suresh said...

sir ji,
please consider holding webinars on various topics.-need not be free, it can be paid one/s
this is my repeat request.
thank you

dv pandit said...

Sir, 3pm data please.

suresh said...

i assure you that it would go "HOUSE FULL"

DR.SGM said...

Dear sir,in future chart it s a 5 wave downmove,but n spot it looks like 3 wave,pls clarify.thank u.

Prakash C said...

Tomorrow Gap up open.

Prakash C said...

And a move above 6300 possible tomorrow.
Thank you Master

Kumar said...
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Kumar said...

Thanks a lot Master for your great commentz.

Vaalga Valamudan and Nalamudan.

Pallandu Vaalga.

adishivam said...

Ilango Sir,

Kindly consider conducting a webiar on EWT basics.

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