Saturday, May 24, 2014

Today...Now is everything!!

The chances are you've probably spent 7 of those 10 minutes replaying moments/conversations from the past and spend the other 2 minutes thinking/worrying/stressing about the future.
Research shows humans waste 97% of their focus living in the past and the future.
Both of these time zones don't exist. They are both illusions of your mind.
Your past doesn't exist - what exists is your perception of the past events.
In your future exists thousands of possible choices/outcomes/possibilities.
But - the future is only real in your mind. It does not exist.
So.. Why is living in a video tape such a bad thing?
Because -
a) As you know your inner world creates your outer world so if we spend most of our focus on the PAST - you create more of the SAME in your life.
b) You miss out on exquisite experiences because you're somewhere else.
c) You only really experience 3% of the full, beautiful, blow of life. what do I do about the fact that I'm not getting the best out of each moment?
Cues to live fully in the NOW!
Remember - Intention is the Mother of Creation.
When you set your intention and harness it to the passion in your heart, you create results as real as diamonds.
Set your intention to collect all parts of YOU that are living in some other zone in some other movie and return ALL of YOU to THIS moment, to your body, to live in the NOW with 100% focus and attention.
Breathe in, become aware of your body, it's a remarkable tool to help you stay in-tune with what you are experiencing. Through your body you get to feel every possible experience available to human beings.
Now, other than time to plan the great things you need to do with your life.
Forget tomorrow and yesterday.
Watch your mind and gently bring your mind back from plugging into any past/future video tapes - back to the present tense!
               When you get up in the morning - decide..
Today is everything!
Live fully in the only moment that is real.
"Be like a child - living gloriously in the ever-present now."
Use all your senses.. Taste, feel, hear, touch, see, sense..
Bring ALL your focus and attention to where you are in each living moment of today.
Slow down, breathe into your heart, and don't miss a single beat.

When you collect your energy from the past and the future, and allow it to release into the NOW - you will experience an explosion of creativity that will leave you deeply satisfied and content with who you are and your world.
This release of positive energy, will automatically, by the Law of Attraction, (like attracts like), create a future - streamlined with magical, exquisite moments.
Today is everything!!
by Kaicho Hoosain Narker....
Read again..again these to relive the magic of every ordinary beautiful moments..
You can live a full, interesting, "ordinary" life.
Have you realised your true identity..speciality..?
Trouble with acquired your true self..Human.
One of the greatest men who have walked on the earth.... that man has experienced something about which I have been only talking....
The boy who searched & found it quietly....
You'll start true giving when nothing in you that's trying to take...
Discover the beauty & Love within & around you..
To be Born again...& to be Alive..
I am a miracle and You are one too...!
Employ your mind wisely or else it will employ you.
Change is God’s Method of presenting us a surprise.....Let Go..
Building your character from every setback..
Change your world by changing your biased perspectives....
"Don't Lie to yourself" 
The answers are already staring at you...Flow...flow..flow.
You have power over your mind -- not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.
If you want to be free, truth is the only way...! .......... break down those invisible walls..!!


venkatapathy l said...


Namaste Ilango Sir.


Guru Krishnan said...

OMG Master THANK YOU!!! Precious gem in one dose... need to preserve these....Thank you once again :)

Sahil said...

I so much needed this, thank you... Will try to follow it.
Wish you a Great Day ahead!

shazra said...

thank you master

dv pandit said...

Excellent Ilango Sir.
Very Nice.

durga said...

GOODMORNING MASTER n all blog mates
if only we could follow this nothing else needed..why we r unable to FLOW? WITH THE PRESENT?the residue of emotions n chemicals of our thoughts lingering in our body.. revitalizing the past n killing present.(erstwhile EGO)..bringing together the senses n special senses and internalizing thei powers is one among ASHTANGAYOGA.THE suggestionsof author are good.....GOODDAY

Suraj said...

Good one Sir. Although very very difficult not to live in past, especially.

shriram said...

Its funny how time / sanjog plays its cards... was reading Eckhart Tolle & then saw the WIll Smith movie AFTER EARTH yestiday night

And today , to see this post from Master ... something above is sending & re-inforcing a message !!

Magesh Waran said...

its a great insperational story. we forget to do this things in our busy life cycle, thank s for your presentation, illango sir

paddy said...

Thanks Master for the post and the recap of related posts!! Highly motivational!! God Bless

Himansu Mehta said...


(better) to the power n
than Nifty analysis


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