Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nifty Intraday Update-I


dharmu mishra said...

respected llango sir
thanks for your valueable input

shriram said...

GM Master & JN Family,

OTM CEs have been adding consistent @ 7000 strike ... looks like another range bound day for writers to make merry ...

have a gr8 day!

deepak pinto said...

A irregular triangle is getting completed in 30 min
Pattern invalid below 92

Sujatha said...

When Snake is alive, Snake eats Ants.
When Snake is dead, Ants eat Snake." So,
Time can turn at any time, Don't devalue anyone in life.

YOU may be powerful But time is more powerful than you.
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STOCK4SURE said...

A SMALL Bullish WW may be developing

may have formed pt3 near 6699 ns levels

may form pt4 near 6711

pt5 near 6695-90 range near 11.30am

trgts 6728-32 range near 2.30pm

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-6749, S1-6724, R1-6772, VWAP-6737

Resistance gaining strength around 7000 Level, though the index has gone in Coma, will get a leash of Life from next week only, till then Sell the resistance and Buy the Supports…

Thanks & Regards

deepak pinto said...

A triangle is rangebound wave. A flat which expands or contracts.
A tight rangebound move is more likely a triangle

Es Bill said...

nice. nice punch Sujata maM

STOCK4SURE said...

PT5 may have formed near 6687 now(11.30am)

trgts 6715-6728

STOCK4SURE said...

BN showing strength
BN near days high while nifty is near days low

shriram said...

A larger +WW may be forming with pt 5 due, near 6630-40 NS , on hr TA

Then 1-3-5 Long trigger will be Hr close > 6645-50 NS & 1-4 tgts will be 6850-6900 NS !

Raman Kapoor said...


Could you please label the downmove of IDFC from 139 level onwards when you get time.


anand said...

Observation :
On a daily t/f (referring JN TA File) with contracting ranges (Afther the sharp fall on last friday from 6870), from 6780 high , a triangle is forming with apex at 6700 ?
Any breakdown to target its height from 6780 - 6680 = 100 pts => to correspond with Pull back indicated by Master ?

STOCK4SURE said...

A BEARISH WW may be developing in BN charts

pt5 may form near 13060 +/-20
trgts 12780

Prabhanshu Raman said...

Raman, I tried but was not confident, so thought to wait and let picture be more clear. .

STOCK4SURE said...

a small bearish WW developing within that larger bearish WW

pt3 may have formed near 13017

pt4 near 13070-50 range

pt5 near 13060(near eod or tomorrow opening)

trgts 12950 again

herry said...

dear ilango sir.
holding 6680 start of B of c...?
and below 6673 start of C...?doun

Ilango said...

New Post Done.

Raman Kapoor said...


I have also tried but couldn't get a clear picture. Does the following count make any sense to you

C.(i) as 139 to 122.05
C.(ii) 122.05 to 126.90 (in 3 sub-waves)
C.(iii) 126.90 to 108.2 (done today)
C.(iv) 108.2 t0 xxx in progress

C.(iv) may break the downtrending channel briefly and then the C.(v) may start for 100-103 levels.

STOCK4SURE said...

channel support near 6684ns levels

may bounce from here

negated below 6679ns

trgts 6715-32-48

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