Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nifty, from its lower range of 7210, moved to the upper range of 7320 and fell to the midpoint..


viju said...

Have been waiting patiently for JNSAR to hit so as to take position since this will be my first time experience with JNSAR. Seen it go up from 7095-->7143-->7187 from last 3 days without much gain in nifty.

hello said...

Sir today c wave 1st and 2nd done now 3rd? Then 4 n 5th at 7415 then b complete and c down tgt 7180

raman perumal said...

Dear sir,

I also second "hello" same query , whether c of b in progress?

manas trivedi said...

@ AJ : Data is right, here in gujarat, 4 to 5 persons, who can win wherever they are, joined BJP from Congress, so there were 26/0 in the results.

mayank said...


JNSAR values in stocks not updated.


Sudhakar said...

Good Evening Sir

Please update Jnsar values for Nifty50 stocks in Stock Wealth for 23-05-2014.

Thanks in Advance

anand said...

End of Day
Another day of small range, with the open gap not filled in NS , indicating bullishness ?
NF filled the gap but the held the 7265 Level – not touched even in last hour weakness.

Cash Segment : FII Sold – small – 295 Cr while DII bought 203 Cr !

FnO : FII were net buyers in index futures . They bought net 10,707 Contracts with net buying of 394 Cr ! Was cash selling in Non- nifty segment or small profit booking?
Stock futures are sold again – like many days in the past – for 487 Cr.
NF Open Interest was down by 9,79,900 – 4.4% to 2.11 Cr. Some profit booking since price rose in the open and Sell on Rise happened?

For tomorrow :
Support rising from 7131 (16th May) to 7193 (19th May) to 7206 and now 7250?
Now 55 EMA on 30 minute is 7255, should support tomorrow with 7260 low made in last hour.

Supports : 7255-65 and below and 7200?

Upside has been restricted to 7320 (same high as of 20th May), acting as first resistance?

Resistance for tomorrow: 7300-7320 zone first? Today NS hovered around it for a good time…!

High Chances / time effect ? : Friday effect to show upmove at open – should be above pivot 7285 / Hr JNSAR and may be resisted in first Resistance zone where R1 is situated too. Past that as Master said, it should reach 7352 ? And once beyond that, can we see performance of last 2 Fridays ?

Lower chances? : Breakdown below 5 DEMA of 7233 if support of 7255 is not held? And then end the week , commencing Larger correction ?

Lets see !!
May God Bless us ALL and give wisdom to walk on this path….!! (Some brains and eyes to me blind....)

A J said...

Here is a small list of masters of trend followers ;-)

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

@AJ ...Trend followers?...Why so cynical...negative...cribbing all the time...:):)

U r the best person to know what happens if u do not follow the trend....:):)

Is Trend bad? Is Trend wrong? Should there be no trend? Should we not as traders know best that Trend is to be RESPECTED......

Secondly ur comment about 100 ppl joining BJP etc......u sound like a mischievous journalist who punches in a misleading headline which totally contradict the facts in the main report.... Where is the data?? Shooting and scooting like AKejri and his team????

U think AAP folks landed from the sky???? Havent they come from somewhere some place some party and joined the so called AAP trend...????

When u win u sing a different tune...When u lose u sing a different tune.....This is not fair at all....

U need to respect the ballot of the people....../This is only an average of 60% voting....
Imagine what would have happened if there was 100% COMPULSORY VOTING?????


Ilango said...

JNSAR Values updated.

anmpatel said...

@master and friends,
day before yesterday HA formed DOJI and yesterday it formed bullish candle with HA open-low same at 7255. today HA open level is 7270.

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