Monday, May 26, 2014

Nifty, on moving closer to prev. top, gets sold off and ends with a "sell on rise" signal..


Prabhanshu Raman said...

Okay here it goes.
Wipro 1st tgt on upside done.
Unitech: both targets in downside done
Tisco: almost 1st tgt on upside done. 1st tgt done on downside
Rcom: 1st tgt on upside and both tgts on downside done.
Nifty: ihns tgt both tgts done
Nifty: -ww almost both tgts done on downside.
Net result: took none of these trades and end up buying Nifty at 7445 and before I put sl, logged out from trading window.. by the time I m back. . Game was over.

Sbsb... I need burnol....

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...


u hv already identified the problem....."before I put sl, logged out from trading window"

Just focus on the solution......All will be well....:):)

All is fine with ur study/strategy/systems etc etc.....focus on 100% accurate implementation..:):)

Prabhanshu Raman said... happens rarely but jab bhi hota hai...kaafi maal leker jaata hai... no issues... I m confident I will move on from this loss.
I remember once Chetna asked me to concentrate on very few stocks. ..very true.. Now I learnt it...
Now on will follow only 1 or max 2 stocks during trading time. Tonight is the decision time. ..

Janak said...

DLF JNSAR in ilango's table is 180 - now at 204 - tom if further tanks then this no will come in picture..PR - check the JNSAR table in this situation when JNSAR down likely to trigger.....

Sujatha said...

I am receiving lot of mails to my inbox mostly from Jn-mates stating "no more mails pls" and "remove id" etc., is my mail id hacked???? or their mail id hacked??? or spam i marked as spam to all

actually i don't hv anybody's id except sir's as by mistake i have deleted all :P kindly provide me the solution my inbox is "full" tks n advance.

It's mentioned ""

bb said...

Prabhnashu, whatever you decide, please inform us, we will also follow those stocks. My sympathies on your loss, but confident that you will be able to make up.

SJkolkata said...

How do you track online charts on mobile.
Is it with a software or online chart like google.
Pl help with solution.
Thanks in advance

Sudhakar said...

Ilango Sir

Kindly update Bank Nifty's TT, Jnsar values for Nifty50 and Midcap50 stocks in Stock Wealth for 27-05-2014.

Thanks & Regards

Prabhanshu Raman said...

Janak - DLF did the major BO above 194.30. It may touch 252, keeping SL at 165.

BB - Thanks for your motivation. Whatever I stick to, anywayz I am going to write it here. this is the place where I have learnt - the actual meaning of trading. Just lacking to follow my own analysis/patterns. I mentioned in my 1st comment - just to remind me that where I am lacking again and again

SJ - Earlier, I was using mobile app of 'Bulls' and Bear'. Once I lost my mobile, post that I could not find that in play store. I was real time app but no charting. Then moved to 'Investing' app but prices are delayed by 15+ mins but have charting. Now using 'NetDania' mobile app. Its 5 mins delay but amazing charting features. Hope this helps

anand said...

End of Day !
Dear Master and blogmates ! Namaskar to all !!
Was to sit out for last two days - Friday and today due to personal reasons.
Missed Friday move and seems I was saved today...! Still Pain of Losses > Pain of missed opportunity.. Time to move from Pain to power…!!
@Prabhanshu :
I am with you - have seen such days and I am not over them. Volatility kills the weak like us who are not part booking or not putting stops. Now I am getting some understanding of the idea that markets will bring out each of your flaws and beat you with it !! (Until you are killed or you overcome your flaws)
Not putting SL and making huge losses- it’s a phase each or the survivor and grown up here has gone through... Some who are not here could not overcome this...and not to be critic - but we can go either way. I have been confessing to these mistakes as well... You are not alone...! But to survive it - the fight is lonely...and against our own.
I am still fighting with lack of skill of part booking and trailing which is keeping me from moving ahead...but I will not give up...!!
I must also confess that I am entering a phase where rivers are no longer rivers and mountains are no longer mountains...I know it’s part of learning and the middle phase is the toughest one. Hope I survive and I believe in : This too shall pass, live it !!
Thanks Master for your guidance !!
Someone stupidly sent some mails and other responding to that from some paid services guy is filling our mailboxes.... Do what you are good at :-) aim and shoot = select and delete.... this too shall pass.
Now enough gyaan given :
Today’s fast fall reminds me of wonderful explanation by Robert C Beckman of the Furious "Irregular Correction".
btw : "Elliot wave explained" by Robert C Beckman is available on flipkart etc. Must read for the EW followers (I have the backing and recommendation of Master :-)
Now with Sanjayji's post, I will not update FII numbers etc.
As for today's move, the fundamental question of going long or short - remains.
Simply for tomorrow:
Will we hit JNSAR tomorrow or go past DHEMA to go long ? let’s see...and follow.

Or SoR shows effect with opening a bit high and letting the trapped bulls turn into bears...
I cannot see any clearer than earlier..... and now with blind eyes going misty...
Thanks to all of you great warriors.... disciples of a great Master! Wish we all pass thru our own development phases...and come out winners !
Rivers are no longer rivers and mountains are no longer mountains!! See you in the morning!!

shriram said...

The best way to succeed as a trader, is to look @ it as a Boxing match.

Cant afford to land a few weak punches & then get K.Oed by 1 upper-cut from the opponent... Safety 1st is the way to survive & win against an opponent whom u cannot KNOCK OUT !!

I See Muhammad Alis fight videos post 1971 to get a sense of what we r up against & how to still win !

Best of Luck

GIRI said...

sir there is mistake in retracement table Nifty spot days high is 7504 and low is 7269.05 you wrote 7483 to 7269

jayant singh said...

@STBSTB ..... Sent you a mail please check.


Guru Krishnan said...

Sujatha --- I think that e mail has reached everyone.. looks like some stupid spam to confuse everyone... better oru thadavai virus scan le unga system ah oru scan kuduthuduga...:)

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