Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nifty pauses in its 3rd wave journey...


deepak pinto said...

High vol long upper shadow candle
All at coffee are discussing what to buy.
Gap down tomorrow would be possible island.
Some lower levels expected.

Nilesh said...

dear sir,

5ema should be 6925

Indiacharts said...

a high volume candle with a gap, the last 3 day wild run is more like the last run of a wave, wave v of the on going impulse,

Prana Swaminathan said...

Camrilla Day levels seem to be wrong.

Ilango said...

All data corrected.


Correction, maximum, during the rise from 5933 was 3.36%.

Accordingly, if prices drop more than 3.36% from the highs, that should be the first sign of weakness.

From 7172 high, such a 3.36% fall would be "6931", also WHEma.

We'll update on this.

There are other methods to it too like JNSAR which is presently at 6768 and would reach around 6931 approx for Friday.

Let the market show the way.

Bullish Cartel said...
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