Thursday, May 8, 2014

Nifty Intraday Update-III


sony victor said...


Dear ILANGO Sir & blogmates

the lower trend line shown in the chart is drawn connecting 6684 & 6656

& today it has touched exactly on the lower trendline @6638

does it make sense ?

shriram said...

Anand : hahah.. see the secret behind SIMPLE EYES is "Min. no. of candles" for the INDICATORS to start working..

If we have just 5 candles, and use RSI14, then will DATA will be useful for Info. processing ?

Think on it , thats y WD GANN prolly said, the SECRET IS IN TIME :-)

sudhin bathija said...

Dear Ilango,
Should on book profits and buy one's favourite stock is valued lower eg sell tisco and buy hdfc?

sudhin bathija said...

Sorry read above as sell "Tisco and buy HDFC."

SJkolkata said...

which is the blog of Tony sir, I have seen Master also referring to that.

Ilango said...

@ prakashbkc,

It is not true. Often the sub wave "ii" of a 3rd wave could be of a running correction too as it is seen in many banking stocks.

Waves characteristics aren't a simple one liner such as "5th is fast & furious" whereas we have seen the 5th in various other forms/ characteristics too - rising wedge, truncated, etc.

Follow each day the sub-waves of this 3.2 till a clarity emerges; until then, you are trading only the sub-waves.

For larger positions, current week's close as well as prices sustaining 6636(brief violation is okay) is needed.

Mukesh Honest said...

6684 se hi trendline kyon? Us candle ki middle se kheench lo,mouse apne hath me hai to rok koun sakta hai...

anand said...

Jai ho !!
You provoke thinking.. Thanke for that...!! Gann is anyway on the line - thanks to Constance Brown and Master's some comments on "time" !! Seems it is "Time" to add "time" to our "time"!! So timely ...

shriram said...

Timing is of the utmost essence, in everything Good we wish to accomplish in life. .
wish i had understood this while growing up :-)

sony victor said...

Mukesh ji

well after 6813 on 15 april nifty falls 6665 by 16 april

& from next day it started moving towards new high (6869) was made after that.

So i took that low as the start of lower trend line.

next point was the low 6656 made few days back.

& now its getting tested again.

hope my point is clear mukesh ji.

Tushar said...

Thank you Sir for your reply.

Best Regards,

sony victor said...

@shriram ji, as you have mentioned W.D GANN

have you tried GANN angles ?

they work good if we fine tune with additional TA.

herry said...

dear sir weekly trande is doun can fall is countinu...riseing. 6723...?

Mukesh Honest said...

16.04.2014 ka low 6665.15 hai, ye 6684 kahan se prakat hua Sonu ji, kripya prakash daaliye ??

prakashbkc said...


Thanx for reply For me smaller time frame wave labelling is imposssible weekly time frame labelling is quite good for me I usually stick to ur TT tabe master


tony sir website is ""

Ilango said...

Retraced exactly to 61.8%-6648 and rising...

Weak below 6648; strength continues above 6648.

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

@Shriram....Growing up years....involves a lot of extraneous noise.....lot of unwanted environmental programming......Now at this point in our life when we are ready to reprogram ourselves for the future, we realize how detrimental all that is....:):)...Too much clutter....

shriram said...

@ Sony :

GANN Angles (1x1, 1x2, 1x3 .. / 2x1 , 3x1 etc) work as Support / Res. Much the same way as Hi-LoEMAs

I was talking about SAMPLING TIME, for a SIGNAL PROCESSING view...
ppl want to use MACD , RSI , SSTO, but forget the MAIN PT -->

that a min. no. of candles are needed by these indicators, to SAMPLE A WAVE & to give USEFUL INFO, ON ITS QUALITY !

sony victor said...

@ Mukesh ji

6684 is next days low. i.e, 17th april from where the rally towards new high(6869) started.

shriram said...

@ SB: the issue, is the "growing up " phase never really ends :-P

reminds me of that joke -
Q: How to make Good decisions ?
Ans: From life experience.
Q: Ok, so how to gain life-experience
Ans: From BAD decision .. ;- DDdd

Sujatha said...

ha ha ha "Time is sooooooo powerful" hope read yesterday's story "snake & ant" :)

AP friends - thank u very much.. keep the weather cool next week :)

gs - moving out of station comments.. sorry

Mukesh Honest said...

Sonu ji, aise trendline khinchna galat hai...jyada khinch sakti hai is se. 6665.15 wala low hi trader ke liye sahi hai baki aap shriram ji se ya sri ilango ji se bhi confirm kar le...hum me se kisi ek ka low sahi ho jayega..

cooldent said...


STOCK4SURE said...

a small bullish WW may develop in ns 5 min 2 day charts

3.6638(done so far)
4. may move up till 6670 -74 range today
5.may make a LL near 6633 tomorrow near 10.45am as per symmetry b/w 1,3 and 5
6.trgts near 6705 tomorrow or monday

shriram said...


Wud u tilt towards a WXY done as 6870-6639 NS , if we end up with EOD close > 6700 NS, today or tomorrow ?

sony victor said...
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STOCK4SURE said...

also a bearish WW is developing within larger bullish WW
may form pt abv 6667(may be in 6670 +/-3) near 2.45pm
trgts 6630 near 10.45 tomorrow(which will be pt5 of larger bullish WW)

sony victor said...

@Shriram I am using GANN angles to find out levels which are of importance.

Prices falling on Cardinal & Diagonal axis are crucial.

like 45 degree from today's day high is 6647.

below which 60 deg. is 6633.

From 6869, 225 degree is 6663 below which 270 degree is 6622

180 degree which is half cycle/diagonal comes at 6704.

One rotation completes at 360 degree which is 6541 from 6869.

6541 lies in support zone too.

So a combo of other TA with GANN angles works good.

I have been back testing these angles since 5 months.

shriram said...

@ Sony,

I have studied GANN Fans in depth for the last 2yrs.. Unless one squares Price & Time, on each TIEM FRAME.. using GANN FANS does not yield Desired result.

Since, i cant sit & scale graphs 1:1 (Price: Time) , every 15mins, i prefer using Masters Hi-LoEMAs, to get the same info, on Support - Res

Ilango said...

Now, weak below "6655"

sony victor said...

Yes Shriram ji, all studies leads to same result till we are studying it correctly.

& prices confirms whether we are going on right way or wrong.

Ilango said...

@ shriram,

Firstly, we need to see how the "week closes" tomorrow.

Armed with that, we must plan ahead.

If it exceeds 6705, it gives the bulls the first strength; more, then needed.

Sonu said...

Early sign of bullishness

shriram said...

Tks Master !

@ Sony : yes. All religions, lead to 1 God , Price :-)

Mukesh Honest said...

Sonu ji mera wo 6684 wala bharam bhi door kar dete, badi kirpa hogi...

Mukesh Honest said...

sorry bhi sony victor ji, galti se sonu ji likh gaya tha...

sony victor said...

Mukesh ji, what's in name. Don't be.

I think i have made my point clear, plz go through those comment once again.

If still its not clear. I am here only.

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