Friday, May 16, 2014

Nifty celebrates the event with a huge gain followed by an equally huge profit booking..


Prabhanshu Raman said...

What a day.....!!!
Thanks alot Sir for your teachings!
But still long way to go. Knowing is not the only thing in life. Implementation is also important. But must is to keep calm. Here I lacked it today, long way to go.

SuchIsLife said...

Dear Ilango Sir,

First time in my life due to your knowledge sharing, teachings and guidance. I have handled this big event with more confidence and taken positions as situation demanded;

This is not about the money but i am more happy for the good quality i am developing and its would not have possible if i have not listening to you
- Thank you again


Dear Sir,

The Long upper Shadow today is fearing me that we are again heading for 6700-6800 odd Levels --- Truncated 3rd Wave has all the adventure in it .... Please Clarify Sir ????

durga said...

good evening master n blogmates--
liketo narrate small incident
one day i asked my daughter age-15-to cook chicken.(prevoiusly she never did it). she obliged me
and yu know how it has tasted..
then i told her to get results frm any JOB/work--WE NEED TO LEARN TO DO -what that particular job demands not what we knew the way of doing it(.this hapnd 5 yrs ago.nw she is 20)after i started trading in stock markets--i exactly behaved like my daughter did 5 years ago--TILL I WAS re told by MASTER -wt i told my daughter. then i started feeling the results.
SURPRISINGLY THE other day i was reading was mentioned --a PRAYER-requesting GOD to grant the mental state needed to do tht JOB.IMAGINE THS WAS KNOWN NEARLY 300 YRS AGO. hope this narrations are useful..GOOD DAY.

durga said...

READ 3000 yrs ago

viju said...

Hello Dear Ilango sir and blogmates,
I have been visiting this blog on and off, but due to my minimal knowledge on technicals never dared to comment anything here. But just visiting this blog, taking clues about market movements and making money feels like being a parasite. So I thought I will speak up whenever time permits. I salute ilango sir's committment in providing timely guidance and unbiased opinion through his in-depth knowledge. Looking forward to learn from all of you and have a healthy interaction.

gauresh59 said...

@ sometimesbullsometimesbear & all,

Highly impressive speech from Narendra Modi......
What a spirit the man has....!
What a self confidence he has....!
What a respect for the country ,,,,!!!

Since independence not seen any such leader with great inner spirit and confidence.

gauresh59 said...

ગુજરાત સત્યાગ્રહના રસ્તે ચાલ્યું
ત્યારે દેશ ને રાષ્ટ્રપિતા મળ્યા,

ગુજરાત અખંડિતતાના રસ્તે ચાલ્યું
ત્યારે દેશ ને લોહપુરુષ

ગુજરાત વિકાસના રસ્તે ચાલ્યું ત્યારે દેશ ને
નવા વડાપ્રધાન મળ્યા...


sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

@Gaureshbhai....Life dedicated to the nation....This is the way all RSS Pracharaks are...There are thousands of them in remote corners of the nation...unsung and unknown.....They are even there in the naxal dominated areas of Chattisgarh Jharkhand and Orrisa...under the Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram....There are many other parallel RSS Parivar organizations working across the country......THEY ARE NOT AT ALL COMMUNAL...NOT AT ALL DIVISIVE....ONLY NATIONALISTIC....

The more the Phoney and Fake vote bank Secularists and Cottage Industry NGO activists criticize such GOOD HUMAN BEINGS......u know what happens......

From our perspective....there are good days coming for Professional Traders.....Long term Value Investors.......

The other day AJ gave a link from Zerodha.....I am just recapturing some salient points made by Madan for the benefit of Freshers in the trading profession....

1. Calculate your monthly household expenses (i maintain a diary of my daily expenses and i have been doing that for the past 4.5 years since i moved back to India)

2. Have atleast 2 yrs of backup money – equivalent to your 2 yrs of household expenses. This is extremely important for the first few years as you cannot trade to make money(to buy onions and tomatoes). Initially, your goal is to trade right and not trading for making money. This may sound counter-intuitive but this is very, very important. I can’t stress this enough.

3. Another important thing is that you should be profitable(maybe not by a great margin) for atleast an year before you quit your job. If you are not profitable part-time, it is going to be very difficult to be profitable doing it full-time (due to the pressure involved in ‘making’ money)

4. This may come as a bummer but have atleast 10L in your trading account when you plan to go full-time. If you don’t have 10L, work until you have it.

5. Once you start making money full-time, increase your lots slowly (def. not in proportion to your acct increase)

6. Get healthy big time. Working out atleast 4 times a week is important. Healthy body = healthy mind.

Immortal said...

Congrats to all on election of a government with absolute majority!

At the risk of sounding foolish & contrarian but will advise against taking LONG position for 2nd half in this year from this point even in the backdrop of ultra bullish SENTIMENT & some major multi-year technical breakouts

All the best & Happy Trading!!

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

@Durga ...Some links for Ebooks on Vedic literature...        

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

@Immortal....we meet again....:):)..ur previous predictions were good....this time.....lets see there is still time for the 2nd half to end...:):) All the best for u too...:):)

A J said...

Thank you for the pointers. That post has become so long, I lost the important points in the middle. Will have to read it again and again.

I think it has a lot of practical information for a newbie that you don't find in a book written by some wall street investor/trader. But newbies generally dont have the patience to read and internalise the information.

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