Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nifty is poised critically at the mid-channel support.


Venkat said...
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Venkat said...
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anand said...

End of Day :
Namaskar to Master and copy to all (DR Style :-)
So the day ended with Sujatha's favorite Cat (on the wall)! and as Master said : Poised critically- up or down, let’s see.
So we are simply at :
- Whether NS hits JNSAR tomorrow or it scales DHEMA and goes for new highs in May'14.
Today being an inside day the open just near previous close could not be held.
FII – 202 Cr and DIIs -95 Cr are both sellers in cash today. Correction may not be over yet an we can see Red “2” ?
Let’s see…
On 5 minutes, a suspected HnS in the making with head made yesterday at 7500 from where the neckline support at 7275 today can give us the height on lower side ? ( Just trying to read the pattern!) (But right shoulder is not very clear so please quash the idea if it doesn’t fit!)
Support for tomorrow :
7275- 7250- 7207 (Low of 21st may) and below that 7131
Resistances : Zone from 7300- 7363 with 7347 -> 7367->7430 -> >
Good night !!
All the best !!

Anandha said...

Ilango sir, As per EW labels, now c is progressing. If a=c then c seems to be having target price of 7070 approximately. Do you see that c gets truncated ? What is the probable % of c gets truncated.


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