Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nifty's ST weakness poised to affect the MT TA......tomorrow..


Amol Sharma said...

"JNSAR" Jay ho !! Thank you very much Sir.

anand said...

Thanks Master !
After a long time, I started posting again - when I started studies again seriously.
But I wish to thanks our friends also here this time...!!!!

We see that whenever you are busy or away in the day , many of us, who are "reinventing" themselves, now :
- Follow rather than predict
- Don't get swayed by news or US/Europe markets, Announcements or data releases,
- Follow SAR with iron discipline
- Calculate retraces and decide weakness/strengths
- Watch price levels than news or tips
- Make no noise and stop others from predictions/posting of trades etc
- More life also (I hope)
- Help others objectively and correct the mistakes in a humble manner
- Offer their views only when meaningful or asked for and Above ALL- if not able to respond, say so...

You have got great disciples.... Who are following your path!
Thanks to them as well and to you for being there...!!

Market is the Master...and with you, we can try to follow it.!!
Jai Ho !!
- A disciple in progress ....

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