Monday, December 16, 2013

Nifty, drifting down into OS territory on the back of "Day downtrend" alone, breaches the WEma today..


Ascom said...

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anand said...

Good Evening Sir,
Despite the clear trend, we try to find reasons to go against it- that's how our mind plays with us. And thats where we need a teacher like you to teach us discipline
Looking for an oversold/overbought indicator, continuous declines/rises (how low/high can it go..martingale style thinking), near the support /resistances, gaps filled, why Waves are not showing effect of larger trend and if nothing, why weekly trend is not asserting, are some excuses I (and might be others) have been finding to reverse the position or exit fast OR WORSE - to sit on losses.
In last 7 days, a number of ideas shared were enriching...only trouble is we may forget again once we are in similar situations.
I am just jotting them down for ourselves...
- Even if we identify the pattern, the placement of candles and patterns will affect its
- In a trend, certain indicators may remain OS/OB over long term (as indicated many times earlier and today again was tested)
- Retrace levels - breaching or not breaching thereof will confirm the move and its nature...
- Watch for key levels especially the earlier supports and resistances on upmove which will reverse the role on retrace.
- Once DHEMA/DLEAM are triggered, follow the prices
- Once SAR is triggered act on it, don’t worry for whipsaws. They will be recovered as long as you keep them small.
The journey has been great so far but We must work on becoming “independent” which you have been insisting upon.
Any comments/advise on to fasten this process will help us all, though it’s true that “each man on his own” and “true learning “ can only be accepted and learnt , but “can never be taught”.
Thanks Sir.

MUTHU RAJA .,B.E said...

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shriram said...

@ anand:

The best R:R trades r PATTERN TRADES along JNSAR or 5WkEMA

And a justifiable Money mgmt is placing a RIGID & FIXED / constant SL on each n every trade (of value min. =< 50% of Pot. Reward, so that min. R:R of 1:2 is justified for Each ENTRY)

Hope this helps u along the journey

Sujatha said...

thank u friends for the reply.

julius - hi ge :)

slingam said...

Thank you master accept invitation

some relax and health tamil

anand said...

Thanks Sriram for this pearl !
You are an inspiration for us...A student who is also able to add to our learning.. with his simple eyes

dharmu mishra said...

respected Shriram sir
thanks for your beautiful tips for trading

Prithvi Raulji said...


Gai Bheish pani main,

SGX +56

Sala nasib Hi kharab Hai

Prithvi Raulji said...

Chal Do peg laga ke So jate hai,


Saurabh said...

prithvi rauji

60 min chart and TT table main price jab bhi lema ke upper close kare.shorts automatic close rahega.

aapki bheish pani se wapas aa jayegi . dont worry

sriniwaas said...

Dear sir,
first of all accept my pranams to your feet,for sending excell sheet to me , i never forget your help sir ,
thanks to you touching your feet once again .
thanks sir .

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