Monday, December 23, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Ilango said...

Opening low of 6267 coincides with the lowest of all "HEmas", 6269, MHEma.

Weakness below "it".

Squander Star said...

GM Master & Friends

Have a successful day !

Raman Kapoor said...

Dear Ilango Sir,
I have a hypothetical question:
If Nifty rises substantially today and tomorrow and Day becomes overbought will the weekly sell on rise show its effect from Thursday onwards

marina s rao said...

GM Master & all blogmates.

Have a profitable day - M S Rao

SKS said...

@ Illango Sir

TT Update for 11:am Pl.

Ilango said...

@ Raman Kapoor,

We trade based on Day/ Hour TA considerations, having inputs from Month & week TA when it "matters".

Why let our imagination distract us? Thinking in that way, it will not help you in anyway. It is the first step to becoming a "subjective trader", sure to take you in the wrong path.

Predict you perish; Follow to flourish.

DR.SGM said...

Dear this narrow correction part of 3rd wave?

AimNifty said...

Ilango said...
It seems, waves are sub-dividing:

6151-6197-1 as LD
6197-6158-6196-6177-2 as Flat
6213-xxxx-3.3 unfolding....
December 20, 2013 at 3:20 PM


Can we term 3.3 finished at 6310 and
3.4 is being completed by running correction here.
OR .... 3.5 is finished at 6310 and 4th is on?


Sir ascending triangle on 5 min chart?

Ilango said...

@ AimNifty,

Holding 6285(approx), 3.iv will get completed and another upmove would unfold to complete 3.v.
(These labels of ST nature would change depending on new prices)

Saurabh said...

Master, isn't the overall formation for fall from 6415 to 6130 and the subsequent rise forming a Bear Flag on Nifty ?

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