Monday, December 30, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-II


herry said...

hello dear sir you post wave B done and ....morning post hold for 34hsma 6285 nifty above so what to do..? plz ans me...

GV said...

shall i go shortbecause jnsar triggered?

cooldent said...


Pls read about jnsar trading. You are wrong

Ilango said...

@ herry , GV,

For Intraday trading, the best approach is "Resistances & Supports" based.

Use the Pre-Mkt levels or any other method to arrive at Resistances & supports.

Trade cautiously on counter trend trades when a trend is in progress.

Stay patiently with a trade if it is in the direction of the trade.

Keep very small SL for intraday trades.

Know that positional trading & intraday trading requires different approach.

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

Hour JNSAR is short

Day JNSAR is long until 6247 spot is broken

Week JNAR is long until 6173 is broken

Month JNSAR is long until 5818 is broken

:):):)...Have a nice trading day

GV said...

ji... i know it is sideway moving because 5DHEMA<NS<5DLEMA.but JNSAR intraday triggered twice. so what to do? shall i go short for 20 points.

shriram said...


EW formwise, are seeing a Sub-dividing W3 from 6150 NS pls ?

Chetna Jethi said...

@ shriram, does this look impulsive wave to you for a 3rd wave? i asked sir's opinion too..may be he is looks corrective to me and not shown signs of an impulse compared to previous recent upmoves esp from 5119

cooldent said...


Jnsar trades are based on day jnsar values and it is 6247 for today

Ilango said...

@ shriram,

From 6130 or 6151, it could be treated as an impulsive 5 waves. The holiday season makes the volume quite low and hence prices aren't moving the way one would expect it to be based on the technicals. Even the -ve div hasn't yet made an impact on prices.

More clarity would emerge only from 02nd Jan or from 06th Jan.

GV said...

@ cooldent
oh......then what the use of hour jnsar?

Aly said...

@ chetna,

to me this whole upmove from 5701 has never looked impulsive if I consider it along with the impulsive move from 5118 to 6142. May be we are wrong comparing it with the impulsive move from 5118-6142 or may be we are in some form of corrective

shriram said...

@ Chetna:

the move 6151-6318 NS, looks clear 5waves .. and since the fall from 6318 to 6262 has over-lapped the prev rise 6130-6263

am leaning to label 6151-6318 as w3.(i) currently...

OTM CE OI buildup , though suggests Big-players are not Overly concerned by Bulls & that may force one to relable 6130-6344 as 1 full 5wave (valid on Close price basis on 5mins chart)

And then the market should now look to retrace 6130-6344, if that count is valid ..

Take ur pick !

shriram said...


Thanks a lot., From Live EW labling / learning angle, kindly notify the moment u see 5waves done from 6130 up... so that we can co-relate with MACD

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

GV said

ji... i know it is sideway moving because 5DHEMA<NS<5DLEMA.but JNSAR intraday triggered twice. so what to do? shall i go short for 20 points.

GeeVeeeeeee this is a decision only u and only u can take and be responsible as per the SYSTEM u follow

....Nobody else can take it fr u....:):)


Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Nifty Pre-Market View.
During uptrend, the first sign of "loss of momentum" is noticed when prices close below DHEma. (It goes for all time frames too). And a "sell on Rises" strategy comes in here. Except during strongly trending period, it works well.
Prices then move below DEma and close below it, confirming a ST reversal.
Prices, then, move towards DLEma to DLEma less 20 points approx. Remember DLEma number decreases as new lows are being made.
Having reached the lower range, DLEma - 20, prices attempt a bounce/ reversal and move towards DEma and if ST technicals help it, it will move towards DHEma or DHEma +20.(In the meanwhile DHEma number would have come down significantly).
It is only when prices close below DLEma, downward momentum would affect the prices.

Similarly, it is only when prices close above DHEma, upward momentum would return.
These "emas" could be matched with Price clusters in Hour chart for probable Supports and Resistances and further fine tuned with developing "Pivot numbers" or "Camrilla Numbers".
Once you have a "Trading range" for the day is developed, it becomes easy to "Sell on Rises" OR "Buy on Dips". Within the "Sell on Rises", a "Buy on Dips" comes in when prices come to the lower range but fail to close below DLEma. This is the best way to deal with a "Sideways Market".

"JNSAR Traders" would do well to adopt this strategy to "minimise" whipsaws. Let there be few whipsaws; it will keep you grounded. But if your JNSAR number is stuck between DHEma & DLEma and prices are closing between DHEma & DLEma, "Trade the Ranges"..

I have seen it work for years. But you need to be "loose and flowing" with the markets. Develop that edge.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011
Nifty PreMarket View
How do you identify a sideways market for trading?
In uptrend, it is the close below DHEma that suggests of a correction and it normally extends upto 10-20 points below DLEma. Depending on the nature of correction, it could even close below DLEma one day and reverses.

In downtrend, it is the close above DLEma that suggests of a correction and it normally extends upto 10-20 points above DHEma. Depending on the nature of correction, it could even close above DHEma one day and reverses.
Divergences are excellent indication of stretched market/ exhausted market.


Hope this helps...:):):)

cooldent said...

at any given time frame close below or above jnsar can be seen for strength or weakness

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-6363, R1-6392, S1-6344, VWAP-6356

6500CE level is gearing up to be a very strong resistance moving forward, though support still good at 6300-6200, so range of 6200-6500 may play out for the next few days…

Thanks & Regards

Ilango said...

@ shriram,

The is wave is from 6130 to 6236, followed by an irregular 2nd wave. Hence, it could be labelled as a wave completed from 6130 to 6344.

As stated earlier, holiday season presents "not-so-right looking waves" due to "lesser participation". EW works well with "mass participation".

Chetna Jethi said...

@ master, shriam and aly thank you!..master replied all questions in one post.thanks

GV said...

ji...enakku puriala... hour jnsar -n use enna?

shriram said...

--> back

Thanks Master.

cooldent said...

Sir whats developing BN jnsar?

marina s rao said...

NS below HrLEMA @ 6298, Hr Pivot @ 6302

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