Friday, December 20, 2013

Nifty Pre-Market View.

As long as prices stay below 6306, the rise would be considered as "Corrective rise".
The only bullish scenario possible is:
A flat correction unfolding from 6130 after the fall of 6415 to 6130 having sub-waves as below: 
Remember the bearish scenario as well:
6264-xxxx -Next phase of downmove...gets confirmed below 6110.
Important thing is understanding the after effects of our labels.
 When we mark a 5, a 50% min may be expected in the opp. direction.
Larger the fall that ends with divergence, larger the gain in opp. direction.
Similarly, When we mark an "abc", next big move may be expected in the opp. direction.
Shallower the rise that ends with divergence, larger the gain in opp. direction.
Weekly bearish engulfing is still valid and the sell on rises too.


Nilesh Patil said...

Good Morning Master & Friends

DARE DESAI said...
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Good Morning Sir & All Friends.

anand said...

Good Morning Sir,
We are back to 6130-6185/6300 range - for the trading range week with negative bias?
Should resolve today with weekend ?

Chetna Jethi said...

chart nexus is facing some issues

shiva said...

good morning, Sir and friends..

Magesh Waran said...

goodmorning illango sir & blog mets

DNSHUKLA said...

Good Mng Sir and Friends.

Ilango said...

A few points to remember:

Last day of the week: "6162" is relevant to keep the weekly trend UP.

FII's have been buying heavily in the last two days.

VIX has been quite subdued below 18-18.5 for some time.

6178 6182 ... is 50%-61.8% retrace of the last fall from …… 6197 to 6158

80% is - 6189

If weakness is to return, it should be around 6178 6182

Strength gets confirmed above 6182 OR 6189

venkatapathy l said...

Namaste Ilango Sir and blog friends


marina s rao said...

GM Mater & all blogmates.

Have a profitable day.

amber said...

Sir ILango ji charan vandan and everyone good morning

herry said...

dear sir nifty broken 6189 and doun...suport 6162..?

Hitendra said...


Is the weakness now confirmed below 6178-6182? It could not move above that level.


Kiran said...

I am not facing any issue chartnexus.. Although, I don't use it heavily. Checks on few stocks and indexes did not show any problem.

shriram said...

GM Master & JN Family.

Have a gr8 day !

Raj Chowdary said...

Respected sir, right now its trading above 34hr SMA and 21 hr SMA.... also above hourly JNSR.
Does this state that, there is a high probability of C wave unfolding from the low of 6151 to targets of 6264+ by the end of day ?

Nitin Kadam said...
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Bhushan said...

Good Morning Gurudev and friends

Squander Star said...

Good Mrng Master & Friends...

Have a successful day !

Raman Kapoor said...

Fall from 6197 to 6158 has been retraced more than 80%

Prithvi Raulji said...


U had mentioned bearish scenario in BN, so if NS Cross 6211 today than can we go long in BN too??

DARE DESAI said...

@ kiran,

can u check indices chart like banknifty, nifty... are they updated till date ??

thanks chetnaji....for your view also

Ilango said...

@ Raj Chowdary, Hitendra, herry,

"6162" is protected.

"6182" was cleared.

FII's & VIX bias "UP".

OS Day & Hr .

If sustains below Day's low 6170, weakness asserts.

shriram said...

BN data is not updating in CNUXS since 5th Dec'13

Raman Kapoor said...

Today will be the first day I'll trade using JNSAR. Eagerly waiting for 6211.

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