Thursday, December 26, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-I


vksoni said...

Friends today is expiry
and lets have
a contest here.
December Nifty Expiry
The rules are simple-
There are only
a) Just call out the
series close for
b) No wild guess. A
reason is must.
Everybody must give a
expected close
figure and reason for
no range
(4000-4050) ,only one
c) You need to do entry
between 9:15
to 2:30, hurry up
Seniors plz contribute

Janak said...

my expiry no. is 6350 - reason: JNSAR/DAY & Week trend are all up

Prithvi Raulji said...

My Expiry Guess 6220 ,reason, 5WEma, And Below Daily LEMA to contd,bearish trend

Shiv Kumar P P said...

My Expiry guess is 6231 which is 61.8% retrace of the last rise... Nifty is finding consistent support and resistance @ 61.8% retrace levels...

Anonymous said...

My number is 6253. Got it with some excel calculations :)

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-6289, R1-6306, S1-6265, VWAP-6284

Based on Option addition, Expiry could happen between the 6320-6240 range for the time being with small edge to the PE writers…

Thanks & Regards

S BM said...

My Expiry level is : 6293

Reason : above weekly & High Ema .

Sahil said...

NS expiry at 6238.
Reason-Day and Hour H,ema exactly alligned hence 6285-6305.
Macd on 5 mins. showing -ve div as of now.
If it fails to cross the zone, a fall towards wk.pviot and DLEMA. 6238 is the

venkateswara reddy bhimavarapu said...

Dear all,
NS expiry at 6357 Reason Previous life time high

Thank you

Sahil said...

Good Morning sir
Is it possible that A completed at 6262 and B wave is unfolding, or is it too early to take a call?

Anonymous said...

Expiry @6194, fast fall setup, so approx about 100 points below today's high (NF @6294, so should be spot 6194)


Piyush Sharda said...

from 6262 does it look like a 5 wave of abc x abc?

ting tang said...

expiry at 6205 full 80% retrace of 6177 -6318

dv pandit said...

Good Morning Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

Expiry@6231 that is JNSAR of 27.12.13.

GV said...

ILANGO SIR, please guide premarket view... first one is CHART. second one is TA TABLE. third one is JNSAR TIPS. pls guide me about JNSAR TIPS TRADING

SGRaman said...

My guess on Nifty-Spot-Expiry is around Weekly Pivot (6230).

Squander Star said...

@vk sony

Expiry Guess : 6303

6415 - 6130 : 61.8% = 6306 and daily high ema 6299. i expext market to close between this two values. so 6303


vksoni said...

My expiry guess is 6257 just above 5cema.all tf sell on rise might bring nifty close to 6230 but close might just above.

sampy said...

My expiry guess is 6297. Series highest open interest at 6300 so close will be just below it and also it is above 61.8% of 6317 - 6262.

marina s rao said...

GM Master & all blogmates.

Have a profitable day.

marina s rao said...

@vksoni what is 5cema ?

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