Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-III


Prabakar said...

NIFTY OPTIDX Open Interest at 2 -> CLICK HERE

Bullish Cartel said...

lango Sir,

Positionally if things go right where can this upmove end, maximum projection

If feel major wave 3 of 3 has started in US (tony caldaro's preffered count), so high risk mkts like india can zoom?

Ilango said...

@ shriram,

From 5273 upmove:

1. 5273-5324.
2. 5324-5314
3. 5314-5341.85 OR sub-divides to XXXX
4. 10-15 points

Just Huge Consistent Profits said...

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pcsmitpra said...

Ilango Sir

Even Ghajni remembers Rajni .. How can Bulls forgets Bears? for last 5 days they are running without break. Its time for Bhaloooos :-))

Ilango said...

@ Bullish Cartel,

If 5460 is cleared, it could target 5700 or 5900++.

ToT-Amit said...

Ilango sir,

In hour chart I can see Inverse head & Shoulder break out.


Don't know if it is already been discussed here.

Prithvi said...




Bullish Cartel said...

even this time your lead indicator led the way
Ignore the noise, just hear your voice

shriram said...

But ilango ji,

i hv a doubt here.. wudnt it be prudent to expect 5mnHiEMA @ 5349 to resist (esp since we have taken out DhI & WkHis) ??

Ilango said...

@ shriram,

After RIL break-out day(Monday), Index is breaking out today.

Such days' price action will be unreasonable.

nifty rider said...

NF will cross recent high(c) 5363..

Ilango said...

@ shriram,

You could be right as Hour channel top comes closer to 5349.(approx). It could exceed a bit and the "Pause".

Atharva said...

SBIN OB made on 27th has spread of 2066-1931 = 135 ... If today closes above 2066..then NR7 + OB tgt is 2066+135*70% =2066+94.5 = 2160..

Keep appropriate TSL if taking long now...

Sujatha said...

Sir - thanks for ur upside nos. diwali high taken out is "tough task" before diwali ?? (just a sentiment trading) if v retrace from here again v will land @ "muhurat trading day" level :) :D last time good fall from 343 now v r in UBB too..again with "same no"

Ilango said...

@ Sujatha ,

Whenever you spot a "Trend change", especially week, look out for "Strength/ weakness" from:

1. FII data

2. OI table..

they don't lie.

Big money can be made during such times and smart traders could use "Options" for maximising their gains too.

venkatapathy l said...

Last 3 trades on short side - entered at resistant zone - brought losses. No courage to enter on long side. Keeping quiet.

No knowledge in EW.

The fib. nos. that appear are 5365, 5430, and 5650. If opportunity is revealed 'thinking' of entering on the long side.

Suggestions are welcome.


shivanGupta said...

sir can i enter long here as targets are above 5400

Nilesh said...


how we can know the puts or calls wrriten or bought

nileshwar said...

BUY Nifty Aug 5300PE below 48 today for a target of 150 within 10 trading days.

Ilango said...

@ Nilesh,

The simplest way is:

When PE OI is rising with PE prices decreasing, treat it as "PE being written". Combine it with a simple study of TA as shown from the "colours(green) in the Tech.table(TT)" above, your confusion will disappear.

Arun kumar sharma said...

nileswar r u sure for 5300pe for tgt of 150. how/

Ilango said...

@ shivanGupta ,

An objective EW study would have revealed to you:

Completion of 5 sub-waves from 5273 to 5324.

Formation and completion of a flat correction @ 5314.

A move past 5324 would have confirmed to you the start of the next set of 5 waves(in the 3rd wave)

Why wouldn't you act, even after my many prompts during the day.??

shriram said...

Ilango ji,

In congruence with your astute obsv on the Hr Channels, may b a simple ZZ count from 5033 is msot valid sir , @ this moment ?

Pls see as:

(a) 5033 5246 213
(b) 5246 5165 -81 -38%
(c) 5165 5350 185 87%

Ideally C=A shud give us 5378

to finish this ZZ

shivanGupta said...

agreed sir made a mistake .....too much going on in mind

Ilango said...

@ shriram ,

The simple ZZ does not sync with FII/ OI/ TT.

That is a big disharmony to digest.

@ shivanGupta,

In EW, trust the first impression.

The most obvious looking one, the first one, is often the correct one.
It is as simple as looking at a picture.
Often, we complicate it.

Remember: If you don't see a wave, don't strain to look for one.

Ilango said...

3.00PM TT & Chart updated.

Prabakar said...

NIFTY OPTIDX Open Interest at 3 -> CLICK HERE

shriram said...

hahah.. yes ilango ji, it seems so isnt it sir ? :-))

Anyways, stats say todays DAY TOP is made @ 5350 more or less

Bulls have done their bit well !

pcsmitpra said...

Thank you Prabhakar

Ilango said...

@ shriram,

Earlier Tot-Amit has posted an Inv.H&S chart.

It now has another neckline @ 5350.

If this is held, small corrections possible towards..."5260-80".

Atharva said...

Master : I have bought book you have suggested on EW..but honestly I am dumbo guy...Cannot understand I, III or V.. whether it is 2 of higher degree or 3 rd of lower degree..in such case how do I purely trade w/o involving EW perspective.. Have stared doing JNSAR trades..but not able to grasp fr TT In re buy or resell ..it is not always the case mkt is resuming trend w/o reaching those levels of HH / L EMA as well as D EMAs..Any guidance on this..Thanking you

Arun kumar sharma said...

llango sir, can i take long entry as keeping in mind JNSAR, becos i missed entry at 5170. what to do? waiting

Ilango said...

@ Atharva,

EW's important input is "channels/ trendlines".

Trade as per channels/ trendlines. You'll almost always be in on the Big trade.

Combine these with FII data, you'll not go wrong.

Don't get too close to the market.

Trade the week/ day channels/ trendlines BUT UPDATE them during "intraday".

Divergences is another super tool for trade entry/ exit.

Throw away EW book, if you have no inclination for it. But trade with a method to deal with the "mad market".

cooldent said...


If you take jnsar long now your stop loss will be 5215. Will you be able to handle it?

shriram said...

tks ilango ji,

will kep an eye out on these levels

suresh said...

sir ji,
how to interpretate from oi buying

Ilango said...

@ Arun kumar sharma ,

As our dear "Dinesh Rishi" is fond of saying,

"don't catch the running train".

Wait for some ST correction to unfold and when you find a support is coming on the screen like 21 Hr sma or 34 hr sma(rising every hour), enter Long.

Till then, wait it out.

Prithvi said...

@Rohit srivastav,

Kaha gaye sir aap,

Vastav me NIfty dekh rahe ho ke nahi????

Ilango said...

@ suresh ,

I take from the OI updates, how aggressively certain levels are defended or attacked from the way OI rising or falling vis-a-vis their price declines/ rises.

Such additional inputs validates "price watch".

shivanGupta said...


you said
small corrections possible towards..."5260-80".

but below 5291 current wave will enter the area of i wave @5291.25

Atharva said...

@ Master: WOW..Got it.. Thanks a Lot!!!

SAM said...

@ prithvi .. Looks like you never went wrong in market ..

Ilango said...

@ shivanGupta,

We'll relabel then 5165-5350 as "1".

Prithvi said...


i m not saying that ' i m genius'
but only just draw his attention about nifty.

Arun kumar sharma said...

llango sir, thanku for your reply. i had made huge lost in share market during last 2-3 years and serving in indian . luckily, last month i found your blog and taken deep study on your JNSAR method and other terms of market. after learning from your guidelines, i would like to trade as per JNSAR given you. and heartly saying, i accepted you as a mu guru since last month and i will be need you guideness during my again started jouney and promise you i will never brake any discipline. so i request you pls keep your hand on my head.

Ilango said...

@ Prithvi,

If we are not grateful to someone's efforts/ sharing, we should atleast refrain from using hurtful words in public domain.

Unfortunately, we don't see the talents.

And we complain, why Indians don't bring medals.

Billgates said...

i was tremendously benefited from simple just nifty TA file long term tr up simply write put wrote august puts covered nw wrote september puts

bharat said...


Rohitji is a good analyst. A failure doesnt question one's quality. I am following him from a long time.

Prithvi said...


Sorry to all and especially to Rohitji,

Anil said...

Please avoid blame game...its not in interest of anyone...every analyst/trader has right to expressed his/her views with logical explanation and taking a trade on that is completely a readers choice...

Prithvi said...

sorry master/ rohit sir ,

please forgive me about my behaviour,

never doing this type comment again
please sir sorry.

sandeep said...

sir had to book losses today took huge posn then when went wrong then looked at tt charts realised i was wrong, again today relised imp of discpline trading but this resulting in loss of fund ,got another guru manter not to get to close to market now added info of fii ,oi also to be secene

Prithvi said...


Trade against JNSAR,
Loss to lena hi hoga

Manish said...

@ Prithvi

Watch the words of master.

Profit or loss in not everything and never should be.

sandeep said...

prithvi i aceept i was predicting the market instead of following, as master tells us again confidence ZERO

Prithvi said...


i m not saying that profit or loss,

i m saying that use JNSAR for buy or sell entry
Dont going against that.

Aaj Sub mere pi6e kyu pad gaye ho

Prithvi said...


Are yaar ye sab mujhe dat dat ke kahi mera confidence bhi zero na karde .

maine kya aapko ku6 galat kaha??

Prithvi said...

Kal se koi comment nahi likhunga.

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