Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Prabakar said...

NIFTY OPTIDX Open Interest at 10 -> CLICK HERE


Today's Supports & Resistances :-

Support :-5338-5300

Resistance :- 5370-5411

Current Trend :- UP.


If sustaining above 5338.

Initiate long with small SL.

Possible Movements:-

1.5338< = > 5369< = > 5411< = >5438

2. 5338< = >5300< = >5269 < = > 5227< = > 5200

Happy disciplined trading to all.

Have a nice day!

nifty rider said...

bulls consolidation my guess

saravanan k said...

Thankyou Ilango Sir, I was trying to understand other method of trading since I only follow JNSAR,

Thanks again.


shiva said...

good morning,seniors..

sandeep said...

jai hind master , dr sir n all

Smita said...

The pattern of making HH(5356) and HL (5342) continues in the intraday chart of 5 mins Nifty.

STOCK4SURE said...

small bullish WW pattern developing in BN charts
may form pt 5 near 10410-15.soon.may trgt 10480 near 12 noon

Waquar said...

Nifty doing Timepass tab tak ke liye



shabsaif said...

Good Morning............................

nifty rider said...

abhi ek baar toh bulls apna jalwa deekhayenge

Prithvi said...


Arun kumar sharma said...

llango sir, Good morning

Arun kumar sharma said...

llango Sir, in your intraday I chart you have shown 5361, 5380 in red colour. Is it mean that we should square off one lot of nifty @5360 and then buy back around 5335 if situation arises. And keep holding 2nd lot til JNSAR

naresh said...

Hi Lango sir , On 15 min chart can we see this as corrective wave A from 5380-5292, B from (5292-5348)=.61A which is almost done and now C which started and tgt is 5215, can u pls guide

I am treatig this as correction of a big fro 5030--->5380

Raja Sekar said...

Hello Ilango Sir, I have just sent you a mail..Please reply at your convenience...

Prithvi said...


Can anybody know that In which stock FII invest his smart money????

numchar said...


Whats the channel support now ?

Seems like we are hitting it .

naresh said...

nifty at crucial point 5330 :)

dare said...

at what time inflation data will be declared today ??

Ilango said...

@ Arun kumar sharma,

Selling @ 61.8% retrace with a SL @ 80% retrace


Buying @ 61.8% retrace with a SL @ 80% retrace

is a good strategy whenever such an opportunity arises.

Counter trend trades may be done for "Intraday" only.

There are other trade possibilities too like a 50% retrace with a SL above 61.8%.

For intraday:

Strength above 21 or 34 Hr sma. As the prices move farther away from these averages, they tend to correct down while these averages continue to rise.

Best sells are done when these averages trend down and the price bounce to these averages and start to fall.

Ilango said...

@ naresh,

EW is set aside for EOD and in the "JustNifty TA" file only.

We are on a study tour of the most basic:

A. Trendlines
B. Trend following

Prabakar said...

Dear Ilango Sir,

I believe the channel support is at 5328. pl. correct me if incorrect. Thanks.

Ilango said...

@ Prabakar,

Hourly channel broke @ 5336-Pivot.

Day channel support is around 5321(DEma/ Wk.Pivot)

With a holiday ahead, market is nervous @ earlier two peaks of this uptrend-5349-5378.

Waquar said...

Love it :-)))

"We are on a study tour of the most basic:

A. Trendlines
B. Trend following"

Prithvi said...

I m loving it with addition of C.

"We are on a study tour of the most basic:

A. Trendlines
B. Trend following"
C. patience with trend

STOCK4SURE said...

emas converging in most of indices in 5 min charts
may expect volatility to start soon

Pankaj said...

Kannta lagaa....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSLtptXuybQ

nifty rider said...

bulls ka jalwaaaa....

STOCK4SURE said...

bullish WW trgt done in BN

Parimal said...

Contracting triangle in hrly chart played out

Nirav said...

Dear Sir

For WAVE C (impulse):-

As Wave I 5032-5246 = 214 points,
Wave II 5246-5169 = 77 points,(Zig zag)
Wave III 5164-5377 = 214 points,
Wave IV (probable Flat)
Wave a 5377-5294 = 83 points,(Diagonal)
wave b 5294-?
Wave V pending
Pls Reply

Nirav Patel

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