Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nifty, uptrending, makes a new high despite global -ve cues.

Everyone dies one day...?
But the one who lives in fear dies everyday.
Most traders who are preoccupied with finding the tops and bottoms die everyday.
One who follows JNSAR is fearless as he/she is ready to face that "D" day while enjoying all the gains that comes his/her way since it triggered a "Buy or sell" many, many days ago. For a JNSAR trader, the "D" day is a "Rebirth day" as the trades would change from "buy to sell" or "Sell to buy".
Each study has its drawbacks but the one with limited drawbacks is preferred.
We are on a study tour with "Trendlines", "Trendfollowing" and "Macd". We have noticed some  whipsawing moments when we get closer to the market as in "short term (Hour)". However, the whipsaws reduce as the time frame gets larger to Day, week & Month.
Choose your style and make your stop loss/ trade management in commensurate with the time frame chosen. For eg: An intraday trade would have 10 or 20 points SL depending on the volatility.


Pankaj Shukla said...

tomorrow it should be largest move of this series being 3rd of 3rd, so on one day we moved 100 points in this series, so tomorrows move may be larger than 100 points.

nath said...

what is this 3rd of 3rd you keep on repeating.
is it some kind of mayan calender

shabsaif said...

Good Evening..................

sudharsan said...

Good evening Master and friends.. Seniors pls guide is todays candle INVERTED HAMMER????

Bholu said...

Thank U Illango SIR.

venkatapathy l said...

Shuklaji nice to see you again. 100p or 1000p TT, charts and candles show neither strength nor weakness for any side. So I have no position.

Wish you good luck sir.



Amol Sharma said...

Good Evening sir

My experienced is very bad before joining Just nifty family.

Now fearless still now.


mayank said...

Dear Sir,

Midcap Jnsar sheet is not attached at wealthinnify.


Vignesh said...

over confident writing in puts with vix around lower levels can be a disaster in coming days. Stay cautious though trend is up.. negative divergence is about to give sell if nifty dips 5250 levels.

Vignesh said...

sorry it is 5350.. I have written as 5250

sanz said...

more over Foreign ques are negative right now... tomorow nifty may open wid a Gap down may be !!!

saravanan k said...

DR Sir,

Good to see your come back, take care of your health. Sorry, I only go through the blog early morning & late night, hence could not wish you in the morning.


Jiignesh said...

Well Said
Thank You So Much

rajiv malik said...

Technical Analysis Humor

A Technical Analyst and a Fundamental Analyst are chatting about the markets in the kitchen.

Accidentally one of them knocks a kitchen knife off the table landing right in the fundamental analyst’s foot!

The fundamental analyst yells at the technician, asking him why he didn’t catch the knife?

“You know Technicians don’t catch falling knives!” , the technician responded.

He in turn asked why the fundamental analyst didn’t move his foot out of the way?

The Fundamental analyst responded with, “ I didn’t think it could go that low”.

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