Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nifty in a shallow corrective mode.


J.R.Julius said...

Good Evening Friends,
Today & yesterday ranges formed NR7 setup in Nifty
NR4 setup in Banknifty. Tomorrow the must watch
levels 5250/5205 in NS.

SJkolkata said...

Sujatha Sis,
Happy raksha bandhan.
This is heights of black magic. You had realy placed SHANI not only on Subbu but on draghi and Bernanke as well.
Hats off. Log apni market position ke liye kya tak karte hai.
Love and Regards,

Shradha Saburi said...

LONDON (MarketWatch) - European Central Bank President Mario Draghi declined to fully elaborate on his pledge in London last week to "do whatever it takes" within the central bank's mandate to preserve the euro. Speaking at a news conference in Frankfurt, Europe's top banker said that no countries in the euro zone had asked for support from the European Financial Stability Facility, the region's rescue fund, and that there wasn't ground to take action anyway. "There has not been one word about these remarks [the pledge in London] that should be a surprise," Draghi said. "In my statement in London you will find the words 'within our mandate' several times," he said. Separately, Draghi said that it is "crucial that efforts are maintained to restore sound fiscal positions."

WOH MAIN NAHI (To Me Navech!)
thanks Susajtha Mam pls do not learn anything extraa!

Kiran said...

I guess what Draghi can do to solve Euro worries is send Euro printing machine to each country. whenever country requires money they print it and put it in market using back doors. Let there be very very high inflation (at least better than deflation)

Sujatha said...

SJK - Happy Rakshabandhan..thank you very much.

sharadha - ji - wat i am learning :( less learning capacity and even brain too :D only by mistake "i am trading sometimes right :D :)

Wat is Ultra Lazyness?

"Sleeping 'n Dreaming.."
"In Dream Also Sleeping...


hehe howmany of you doing this???

durga said...

prepare for a golden sell off 5349---5033 retrace.

SJkolkata said...

Oh Big Daddy pl hit 3-4 centuries and go below 12500 fast.

gkm223 said...

aur agar recover hogaya to maja ajayega.

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