Monday, August 6, 2012

Nifty, in its next phase of uptrend, pauses @ triangle resistance.


Badri said...

Sujata, this is for you.

Some of the world’s greatest mathematicians were Aryabhatta,
Varahamihira and Bhaskaracharya. Bhaskaracharya lived in India 800 years ago.
He was a well -known astrologer too.
He wrote a book called ‘Leelavathi’ in which he stated problems in the form of poems and stories.

Why did he call his work ‘Leelavathi’?

Leelavathi was the name of Bhaskaracharya’s daughter. When
the child was born, her horoscope was prepared and examined.
Bhaskaracharya made some calculations using astrology, and
found that she was destined to become a young widow. But he
thought he could change the destiny of his daughter by using his
When Leelavathi was just a little girl, Bhaskaracharya decided to
celebrate her marriage. The mathematician calculated the best
minute in the day when the marriage could take place.
The family took great care to make sure that the marriage would
take place exactly at that minute.
In those days there were no clocks to measure time. Two water
pots kept one on top of the other were used to measure time.
The water kept in the upper pot would trickle down through a narrow hole into the
lower pot. This lower pot was graduated according to the unit of time then in use.
This unit was the ‘Nadika’. One nadika was roughly equal to 24 minutes. So the time
of the day was measured by observing the depth of water in the lower container.
On the day of the marriage, Leelavathi was playing with her friends. She was fascinated
by the water clock. She bent over it and was looking into the water.
A pearl from her nose stud fell into the pot. It lodged itself in the
hole of the upper pot. The flow of water into the lower pot was reduced. No one was
aware of this and she was married exactly at the time when the water reached the specified level.
Nobody knew that the auspicious time had already passed and
the time indicated by the water clock was not the correct time.
Even Leelavathi was not aware that one of her pearls had fallen
into the pot. By the time her father and others knew about
the pearl, the marriage had taken place.

Her husband died within a few days. Why, we do not know. And
everyone believed it was because she got married at the ‘wrong’

Amol Sharma said...

@ Badri ji

Thanks badri ji. Thank you very very much.

Dinesh Rishi said...
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Dinesh Rishi said...


Quote "‘wrong’time! UnQuote

its Lord Brahmas department

what so ever he has written cannot be changed

Tom again I'll take your leave

Plz keep me in your prayers

I have blessing of my Master

numchar said...

@ DR Sir

Best wishes with you ..what ever you get into ..come out successful.


Sujatha said...

Badri /STB - my sincere apologies onceagain..yeah i don;t remember the "name" exactly sorry. thank you very much. now i remember "Mr. Cho Ramaswamy" also told this story once .. but again the same problem "donno where and when" ;D :) thing is "i am very much remembering the contents and good things" but some confusion like 'EW' :) :D for me

JN family is the "place" one can easily get answer for tough Q too or for "anything" i am so happy.

My Pranams to Sir for this wonderful blog work and my sincere thanks to one and all .

Night Prayer -

God when i lose hope, Help me to remember that
your love is greater than my disappointments
'n your plan 4 my life are better than my Dreams..!

GoodNight :)

Dinesh Rishi said...


Thanks Bro

I have been rude to you when you joined JN, to maintain decorum of JN

अब रूलवो गए क्या

numchar said...

@ Dr Sir

ha ha !! You know I don't remember that ..I have always been in good hands .

Thanks to Sir for creating wonderful virtual space filled with real and meaningful people.

shriram said...

wish u good luck & God speed DR bhai

@ suja: All our vedic scriptures say:
Think of ur CONCIOUSNESS as being similar to JAKE SULLY (Avatar) & this human body as a PUPPET

He CONCIOUSNESS was active in the body of a Nabi, but yet his real body was aboard the sapceship

This earth is a DREAM OF DENSE MATERIAL, making us feel "this is real"

But in reality, u , me everyone are a part of the same AWARENESS that has lost its true identity & hence seeks attachment with this world & this body !

This much spirituality shud do for today :-)

cheers , gnite


Nifty....5349 big hurdle......may test 5035 again in very short term if not crossed this barrier....

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teejay said...

@Ilango sir

I meant the googlefinance function in google docs not working for Indian stocks.
In any cell if I put. =googlefinance(reliance) or =googlefinance(nse:reliance) it is not updating the price. It was working till last week...

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