Monday, August 6, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Prabakar said...

NIFTY OPTIDX Open Interest at 10 -> CLICK HERE

sandeep bhoite said...

Reliance is back

Reliance after Long time up by 5 % :) :)

Prithvi said...


Can we go long in SBI???

sandeep bhoite said...

in this one hr reliance overtook yesturdays all volume :)

marketrider said...

good morning ilango sir & blogmates

marketrider said...

@ ilango sir

1 wave-5032 to 5150
2 wave 5150 to 5077
3 wave 5077 to 5246
4 wave 5246 to 5165
5 wave 5165 to 5300/5305 ( channel target 2nd wave and 4th wave)

sir my observation in right route?
plz answer

with thanks

Atharva said...

GM to Master & all

Atharva said...

Master if time permits have a look @ SBIN.. today's bar will be NR7..Thanking you

Ilango said...

1st set of 5 waves done on Friday
from 5165 to 5210.10.

2nd set of 5 waves started on Friday from the low of 5197.25 may have completed now @ 5291.35.

Counting sub-waves could be used to understand the fluctuations/ volatility and not necessarily for trading.

Ilango said...

@ marketrider,

I have labelled in the hour chart based on various considerations, major input being the week trend turning up.

I look for some kind of symmetry and balance in the waves and it should present itself to you in the first glance.

Whether your route is right...? - Only market will validate it.

But it is definitely not my route.

shriram said...

Morning everyone!

5DEMA said jagtee raho on Fri, and how it ahs rewarded the faithful follower :-)

Let add stats to our arsenel here.

CMP-Dev.DHiEMA = 70 pts zone is 5310 (wid 1 std dev of 20pts)

Gives us the Hi-possiblity day TOP in the range 5290-5330, and tell one where to exit for the day atleast :-)

Have a gr8 trading day


STOCK4SURE said...

india VIX also up with nifty

can any1 plz suggest its indication?/if any

S N said...


Is there a way to get hourly data from ODIN ? If not, pl advise from where can we get it ? Thanks


nifty rider said...

its E on daily chart..
x 4743
A 5019
B 4754
C 5364
D 5042
E on
values from forexpros..

CDG said...

it seems any further movment will only after the Europen opening. Currently for the day about 30 point range and trading at the top of this range for most of the time

shivanGupta said...

sir where can one re-enter long.....i always have problem with re-entry levels.....trying to learn but get confused.

sandeep bhoite said...

On Weekly Graph Channel Resistance here around 5291 ,,

sandeep bhoite said...

Channel resistance better to say symmetrical triangle top

Dinesh Rishi said...

Ring finger length linked to success

numchar said...

@ Dr Sir

Ab ek nanhi si jaan kya kya kare ...Trading learn kare ki.. ring fingure bada kare ?

Aap hi batao :)

Dinesh Rishi said...



Nifty Simba said...

Market must reach 5230 NF to achieve Ehler equilibrium..,,

CDG said...
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CDG said...

What is NEGATIVE divergence and what to expect from it???
How is this different from POSITIVe divergence?

shivanGupta said...

sir 5290 being weekly trend line resistance will it be much stronger as compared to daily trend line resistance or there is nothing like this.

shriram said...

Nifty entering Higher T/f RES area

Weekly candle res: 5303-5334
Dev.Month hiEMA : 5327
Channel UTL @ : 5310

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

A robot from earth has reached Mars.:):) Great work by the guys at NASA. Next is Man on Mars. A proud and humbling moment for human species on earth.

Amol Sharma said...

IS there any Island formation ?

eevra said...

@STBT: Did you see it LIVE ?

Ilango said...

From the low of 5165(Friday), the "iv"th wave is on or completed and a "v"th wave should complete above 5291-5349 zone.

Shriram has hinted a pause around 5310-30 zone.

A retracement after the completion of such a 5-waves would reveal the strength/ weakness of the current upmove.

Prakash-Pol said...

As of Friday Nifty waiting for Europe open.
Till then it will not move either side.

teejay said...

Stock prices are not being updated in Google docs from google finance since last week.. Its saying NSE exchange is not supported..

Anyone else facing the same problem?? or is it working for anyone?

Ilango said...

@ teejay,

It's working.

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