Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-II


Ilango said...

Just because I "focus" on the "Basics", you need not refrain from sharing your studies.

Please continue to share your studies:

Smita did it with EW
Sanjay & Prabakar do it with OI
Stock4sure does it with patterns

cooldent said...

When BN moving like this missing DR sir :((

STOCK4SURE said...

nifty moved up with help of BN only
midcap index lagging far behind yet have not broken abv morning highs

Parimal said...

Dear Master
you have done something quite good to me by not marking EW waves. no i am trying to do this on my own. i hope i shall gain confidence as the market will teach me. thank you very much
kind regards

Nirav said...

Dear Sir

For WAVE C (impulse):-

As Wave I 5032-5246 = 214 points,
Wave II 5246-5169 = 77 points,(Zig zag)
Wave III 5164-5377 = 214 points,
Wave IV (probable Flat)
Wave a 5377-5294 = 83 points,(Diagonal)
wave b 5294-?
Wave V pending
Pls Reply

Nirav Patel

Nirav said...

Dear Sir,

As Wave I and III are same it is possible to wave v to extend


Prabakar said...

NIFTY OPTIDX Open Interest at 12 -> CLICK HERE

Prabakar said...

Dear Ilango sir,

is my previous post went to spam.. just now noticed that previous 12pm post not visible.

STOCK4SURE said...

now a bearish WW pattern developing in ns charts
pt 5 may have formed near 5377 levels
pt 6 may form near eod or on 16th morning
trgt 5325

sandeep bhoite said...

@ nirav Patel

I am also studying EW now days , its too early to say but c wave gives TGT 5425 (as reading for 5th wave in c so its 61.8 % of wave 1 ) hope i am reading it right

sandeep bhoite said...

@ Nirav Patel

as u said wave I & III are same , III can not be shortest so as said 5425 match this probability , lets c HH of 5277 is resistance now , lets have a look at Master's replacement table once

shivanGupta said...

if we consider Vth starting from 5294 then 5 waves finished at 5380 and if we start from 5309 then we did 3rd and 4th n 5th pending .....so sir could you you tell where did IVth end according to you.

SK Mishra said...

Good afternoon all! ew funda above me, no comment. But we have just left channel bottom, so 5th wave target also can the channel top and it may go there(55??) not in a hurry!

nifty rider said...

for me its E(5) on daily as well as on intraday chart

Prithvi said...


Can we sell @5380 resi with 20 point sl.

mehr said...

"pt 5 may have formed near 5377 levels
pt 6 may form near eod or on 16th morning trgt 5325"
do u mean nifty will make a new high from here to form point 6?

Prithvi said...

@SK Mishra Sir,

I think it is @5555 a good number for TGT.

SAM said...

@ sir .. We miss hourly Elliot wave chart by you ... Kindly update it so that we can also learn from you ... Thanks

SJkolkata said...

Sujatha Sis,
Where are you, missing your comments and opinion.

sandeep bhoite said...

@ Master

as on hrly chart 5278 is final HH ,, on daily its meet with LH made 3 april this year , above witch its 5499 made on 14 march that testing or use for sell in previous correction , kindlly support as HH ,, HL in is 5500 is TGT now or else ?

Pankaj said...
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pcsmitpra said...

Good Morning Ilango Sir, and Prabhakar, Sujatha , Sanjay, PT, DR sir and other friends.

Bought Nifty 5400 PE with today Low as Stoploss .. It should touch 5360 once ..

Prithvi said...

@5380 broken now @5555>>>>>>>>>>>>>?????

nifty rider said...

are v heading to 5430...

pcsmitpra said...

Sir plz correct . . I am doing EW
A = 5317 - 5352.30 = 35.3
B = 5351.05 - 5338 = 13.05
B1 = 5348.70 - 5342.85 = 5.85
C = 5347.95 - 5351.05 = 3.0
D = 5346.80 - 5329.55 = 17.25
E = 5337.70 - 5376.55 = 38.85
F = 5377.05 - 5366.45 = 10.6
G = 5371.55 - 5384.95 = 13.4
I = 5387.00 - ? = ?

Pankaj said...

@Nifty Rider, how did you arrive at that numbet 5430? Just curious.

pcsmitpra said...

Ok , I make a small graph and got it clear .. sorry for the disturbance :-(

Nirav said...

Dear Sir,

sir as i mentioned preoviouslly can we say the rise from
For Wave IV
5294 - 5330 wave A
5330 - 5309 Wave B
5309 - ???? Wave C

PLS Reply


naresh said...

@ STOCK4SURE sir at which time frame u refering ?

@Pankaj sir , yes if 1-3 are equal , for sure third will be extended

Pankaj said...

Based on multiple fibonacci projections ( there are too many on my chart), the most frequent number on my chart is 5550. On the basis of time projection, it seems it will take 5 trading sessions including today, so probably on 22nd or 23rd August.

STOCK4SURE said...

strong addition in 5400pe intraday near 10 lakhs

bulls ke irade khatarnak lag rahe hai??

STOCK4SURE said...

nareshji i was referring looking at 5 min charts but as ns has moved abv 5377 exited my shorts as per WW

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