Monday, August 13, 2012

Nifty intraday update-I


Prabakar said...

NIFTY OPTIDX Open Interest at 10 -> CLICK HERE

amrender said...

hi Ilango sir
please give me the link of live India vix chart.

nifty rider said...

nifty rider said...

X 5033
A 5244
B 5166
C 5372
D 5295( till now)
E pending...

sanyasho said...

Good Morning Ilango Sir and Blog mates.
Aggressive Trade <<< 5255 << 5315-25 -- 5350 -- 5365-5385 >> 5405 ++ what does it mean?
Does it mean, buy at 5315-25 and stop loss at 5255 for the target of 5365-5385 as the ST is UP. Then what about the short. Kindly clear my doubt.


Today's Supports & Resistances :-

Support :-5300-5319

Resistance :- 5338-5370

Current Trend :- UP But Turning Down.


If sustaining above 5300.

Initiate long near support area with small SL.

If sustaning below 5300

Initiate short with small SL.

Possible Movements:-

1. 5319< = >5300< = >5269 < = > 5227< = > 5200

2. 5319< = >5300 < = > 5338< = > 5369< = > 5411

Happy disciplined trading to all.

Have a nice day!

Ilango said...


Ilango said...

@ sanyasho,

Aggressive trade are meant for "Intraday".

Pink no: in the middle is the pivot, strength above and weakness below it.

Red nos: resistances
Green nos: Supports.

For friday, we had

Pivot @ 5335
Res: 5365-80
Supp: 5285-95.

High made 5330.
Low made 5294.

For Today:

Trade: <<<5255 <> 5385++.

Opened above 5315, held the same with a low @ 5314.

Presently it means strength to move to resistances.
If it breaks 5315, it could move lower towards supports.

anmpatel said...

nice change in TT. now no need to "open in new tab" to read fonts clearly. but sir dont remove hourly lead indicator please. thanks.

Srinivasan Krishnamoorthy said...

clear explanation. that is what myself needs. keep it please for persons like us.

shivanGupta said...


for last few hours nifty reaches 5330 and comes down so suppose this hour or next hour it again move past 5330 so how would we know this is not a false breakout.

CDG said...

Dear Ilango,

Good Morning. The charts looks nice and more clear. But was there any particular reason that you took out EW labels????
Thanks and Regards

sandeep bhoite said...
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sandeep bhoite said...

kindly clear a doubt ,, Are we in 1st wave of 5th of c cave right now of correction as B ended at 5033? Is reading is correct , sorry if fullish as learning EW

sandeep said...

master the best part of u is simplicity n to the pt answering

numchar said...

Sir ,


How do we co relate the Vix chart and daily price moves ?

As of now I understand that , as VIX rises bearish sentiment increases and vice versa.

Based on that assumption today Vix chart shows increment compared to last trading day would it be right interpretation that there is a bearish sentiment today ?

If you can explain the co relation would be helpful. Is there any range for bullish and bearish sentiment .

Waquar said...

I guess ilango ji took out the EW counts is coz he wants to demonstrate that profitable trading can be done only using simple TL/channels and trend following as states in premarket update.


good morning sir and all friends.

Ilango said...

Aggressive trade Levels:


VIX works well on higher time frame. Not reliable for intraday.

cooldent said...

Waquar sir


profitable trading can also be done by using simple TL/channels and trend following


Sir i want track sbin or other stocks chart on google.
is it possible?
Thanks in advance sir.

shivanGupta said...


after breaking the downward trend line from 3778 nifty is moving sideways does this reduce the relevance of that trend line.

anmpatel said...

yes.but NIFTY is not moving. i think its gathering strength for HANUMAN kudka.....!!!!

Waquar said...

@ cooldent,

yea thats what i meant too, mobile se type karra tha lost track in between :-P btw thnks for the correction...

Prithvi said...


Please add hourly lead indicator on above chart.

anmpatel said...

we are at mid-point crisis....anything can happen this hour...sit tight...with JNSAR. thanks.

sandeep bhoite said...


Fast rise setup for hrly chart if we look for 21 & 34 SMA ,, do we have such possibility ??

nileshwar said...

How many days nifty can afford to trade in a narrow range?

When most of the major shares including some index heavy weights are trading much below their one/two months high (Bharti, SBI, RelCap etc), how nifty can remain at its one/two months high??

Having scaled almost 300 points in a month despite major shares falling during the period, can nifty continue further rise???

Logically, nifty has an easy target of 5090 in this expiry......

cooldent said...


Aquarium fishes are a hobby?

Ive some Discus at my place :)

Amol Sharma said...

fight is on between 5400 and 5300 strike prices

bears are active in 5400

and bulls fighting hard to protect 5300.

Am I right ?

SK Mishra said...

Good morning all! 5 min triangle, yesterday NR4, 5330.10 break is what I look for..

STOCK4SURE said...

small bullish WW pattern developing in BN charts
pt6--trgt 10360(cash) near 1.30pm
pt 5 will form below 10300

Waquar said...


Yea have been an aquarium enthusiast since more than 3 yrs now, had all kinds of fishes, discus too at one point, but now i only have a single male flowerhorn, thinking of getting one female for breeding purpose...

Prakash-Pol said...

Nifty lost its steam. NF premium reduced 10 points

Badri said...
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Pankaj said...

With great rangebound markets, comes great momentum movws. - said spiderman trader! :D

Pankaj said...

read moves instead of movws.

Ilango said...

New Post Done.
("5310" would now break the channel.)

Prakash-Pol said...

Today also a TL support buy will occur around 5305

Prakash-Pol said...
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Prakash-Pol said...

Holding TL sup UP move possible

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