Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Short term price rise meets with selling pressure from "Supports-turned-Resistances @ 8025-65 zone"


STOCK4SURE said...

may help indian bulls tomorrow
also in last 6 months whenever dip has come on july 14th and aug 8th
13 and 21emas came within kissing levels(5-10 pts gap b/w them)
but 13ema didnt break below 21 ema
also 5 ema could not break below 34 ema setup in daily charts
same setup is again developing in nifty daily charts
last time once it gave 400 points and once 600 odd pts upmove
will nifty again oblige bulls from tomorrow onwards??
if opens gapup abv 8006 then may expect 7970-8080 range

venkatapathy l said...

Namaste Ilango Sir and blog friends


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